Win the use of a competitive Silver League Spliterlands deck for 2 seasons!!

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So the #silvergoldstacker community is holding a Splinterlands raffle and I am giving away 5 tickets in this post.


Let's get right to it, the raffle winner will get to play a Splinterlands deck for 2 seasons and keep all DEC and cards won during play. This is a specially tailored deck on the @monsterpit account that is competitive in Silver League. From the @ssg-community post:

This Monster Pit playing deck has been tailored and tweaked to be competitive for Silver League and the winner of this raffle will get to play it exclusively over 2 seasons (approx. 1 month). All Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and Cards won by the @monsterpit over the 2 seasons are yours to keep, meaning the rewards alone from this prize are worth more than 100 HIVE.

Check out the @monsterpit deck here:

The raffle will take place on Saturday, Jan 9th.

Tickets are 5 HIVE each and you can buy as many as you like but right now

I am giving away five tickets, one each to the first five comments on this post. You don't have to say anything special to win, just make a comment.

Once again, here is the prize:


Have a great week :D

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I would love to get a ticket, please. I play in bronze and have been thinking about upgrading. Getting a feel for it would be nice! Thanks

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Sounds good @martind1337, you are in. Good luck!

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I haven't played this game yet.
I have only 3 cards from past giveaways, two are doubles. So not much of a team.
Might just get Lucky! But, I got to make the time.
🙂 At least support the initiative 😃

OK @kerrislravenhill, you are in for one ticket, good luck!

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Thanks, I'm terrible at poker anyway. 😉

Good luck to all who enter. I would, but I don't play, nor even know much about Splinterland, so I'll leave it to the experts!

Well, thanks for stopping by @elizabethbit. I don't play either but this seems like a cool prize. You are not entered in the draw (just to be clear for when the masses get to this post and want their free ticket).
Have a great week.

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LOL! No worries! I have so much stuff going on right now, I don't have time to play. Did I tell you that I am minting?

What!? OH I cannot wait to hear about this.

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So, my first question is, do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

Hmmmm, your question makes me think it is not silver so I will go with...candy?


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Hey @summertooth! I have selected you to pass the #hivetorch on to!

made by @delilhavores

Pass it on and keep the torch burning!

You are.......incorrect! Check your DM and I'll explain!

I am in for this deck. thanks in advance.

Sounds good @saachi, 1 ticket for you. Keep an eye on @ssg-community account as they are the one hosting this raffle. I will be helping out with the drawing this Saturday and we will draw the winner live in the Silver Gold Stacker Discord
Good luck!!

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I already play but I am glad to see others get an interest, this is a great way for people to try it out. (rehived)

Mabie Ill get a ticket to give away, very cool man!

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I tried this game a while back but it didn't click with me, probably because I had lame cards :/
Playing with a tailored deck could be fun though. It sounds like you don't need a ticket to the draw so I won't put you in but if I am misunderstanding let me know.
Thanks for the reblog!!

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Yep, I'm good, just hanging out.

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Now, how did I miss this post!!!!

But it is not too late and you have a ticket now!! Good luck @silversaver888

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Hahaha.... I was not too late afterall!!!
Woot, woot!!!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Sad. I'm late

But not too late my friend, you got the last ticket!! Good luck @blog-beginner.

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Oh. Awesome. Thank you so much