First Tier Goal Reached So What's Next?

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Hi Everyone,

If you are a Splinterland player, you would by now aware that land sale is coming real soon. I'm not a high level player but enough to barely go through to Champ level. I am not too ambitious with the land sale and was hoping to be more realistic and not give myself any pressure to chase a high amount of DEC. With approximately a month out, I have reached my 200k DEC target without burning many cards, purely from playing and a small amount purchased slowly from the market.

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I was lucky to get some cheap DEC the other day when a player sold off a heap load for 25% of the price which I should have put more in my buy order if I had known. Even so, it was a nice push to get more under my belt. Buying discounted land is the goal and like most who is playing the game, we are confident this will be a great expansion to the current game we are playing. Next tier will be 500k which seems too far to reach but never know, might be lucky to open a massive chest of DEC after a season or from my daily reward (we can only hope). The land could be re-sold so I'm banking on able to make a small gain from this investment afterall the early sale price is 50% off the price after the early bird special.

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Another way to get land and hopefully a whole heap of them would be from the new Uniswap promo. I am still at a loss on this swap as I have seen other tokens like LEO getting with this action. As a small LEO token holder, the value of LEO has skyrocketed this month and I am hoping that DEC will follow the trend once listed on Uniswap and bring new players on. The more investors we have, the more our current cards & tokens are worth. I don't think I can participate with the DEC Uniswap as I don't have enough DEC to make it worthwhile but once I read more about it and risk, I may put my foot into it. Just hope the fees will drop by the time I decide to go for it.

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holy crap that is a decent amount of saved DEC!

Yes I am also interested in the land sale but I have no idea what to expect on how expensive it will be. Earlier on I thought I saw something like $15 per piece, but I guess this has to bought in DEC then?

Im a terrible saver as I had just bought 3 packs again instead of saving it hahaha

LOL i have little compared to some other players out there. I am holding back soooooo hard not to buy any packs or cards with these DECs as it is harder to get DEC these days.

Yes land is bought in DEC so its best to save some if you intending to buy them :)

saving modus ON! spending modus in the closet haha

Are you going to be adding some DEC to uniswap or are you saving up for land? I have like 30k now but just getting harder to earn lol even winning 5 matches to get a daily reward is painful never mind moving up the league levels

I dunno enough of uniswap plus the fees are so high not sure if my DEC will be worth it .... still deciding.

Yes the leagues are painful now and to see the daily rewards lowered too cry

Lol I think you’re better off avoiding it and jusy waiting for the land presale I tried it and I’m prettty sure I’m going to lose money unless the land I do get covers the losses

I’d say a half ETH and a boar load of DEC would be your marker to get in

Oh totally like I spend all that effort to finally win 5 matches and then you get like 5 potions and 2 cards of you lucky

Maybe us who played it from the beginning are tainted by the easy rewards but I do feel it could push peopel away trying to balance the incentive and difficulty can’t be easy

You're ready for land sales!

You probably have more DEC than i have!!

used it sold it all at 0.002 :(

ohhhh mannnn !ENGAGE20

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