Investing On Land In Splinterlands?

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Hi Everyone,

At the time of writing, we have just over 3 hours for the sale to be released. I am joining a pool with Team Possible and is shooting for a tract which is 750k DEC at the highest discount. We have 44 entries for the raffle and I suspect another 5-10 parties will come in the last minute making this almost 50/50 chance for those in pools to get it. But why is everyone try to a piece a land? We have the money and can't buy land in virtual land straight away, what is all the fuss?

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People are all speculating the game will explode! Not just doing a little better but like make a huge change to game play and the whole game economy. Depending on the land you own, you can craft your items, spells buildings, pretty much endless opportunities. Projects like this which have been providing a solid 2 years of improvement gives people the confidence we need. $7500USD for a region is not cheap and this is virtual land. It may not even be delivered within the year but we are all comfortable putting this into the game. $7500USD could be the same amount someone can buy real land in their country.

I'm a fan of the game but I know if I miss out this round, I need to find another 200k DEC to fund for round too which I am around 80k off .... thats pretty hard to gather in less than 2 weeks. I'm not sure what my plan is if I can't get that tract I wanted but I am sure not going to burn any cards for that. Cards are a valuable asset as well which is needed for land later on so it will be something I will be holding for some time unless things happen in real life I need to sell/let go. Currently I have all fingers and toes crossed hoping our pool gets picked but if not, it will be a new roller coaster ride to see how I can pick up some land for the next phase of the game.


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@travelgirl, Good luck and you are sounding Excited. Stay blessed.

yes the pool I joined is in! Finally can take it easy



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I hope you managed to buy your land. Today was really super fast and who blinked his eyes ended up missing this opportunity. Now, focus on the next ones to come.

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Yes our pool managed to get in which was super lucky considering the high demand and last minute raffles sold. Unbelievable let me tell you. How did you go?


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you can buy a single plot. I am getting 100 plot for a discount with the pool. 750K took me so long to gather but made it in time!! next round, you try maybe get a few plots and maybe can get lucky!


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That's a big ask, I've only got 100k or so, I'll try to buy some more, but after today's quick sale I don't know if ill be able to secure land

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Did you end up getting in a pool or the crazy buy at sale time? Our pool got in which was lucky considering so many raffle tickets were sold


Nope, I dind't get in on either, seems like with most things in the game smaller players just get stiffed, if your not throwing huge amounts of money at the game. I get its a business and they want to make money but asking people to either team up to game the system or throw large amounts of crypto seems like you're going to pusha lot of players away.

nah our pool had people buying a few plots so you can join them and be part of a large group. I went for a tract but many are just smaller players which would be good to stick together and have each other as neighbours

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I wouldn't worry too much about missing out now, they'll be plenty of land for sale on the market in the future.

You know you might even get it cheaper - sell some DEC now, all the hysteria dies down for a few months, the price of DEC comes down, and people who bought whole regions want a bit of a hedge and so start to compete the prices downwards.....

You never know, in March next year someone might bite your hand off if you offer them 200K DEC for a keep with 30 plots of land surrounding it!

OK you won't have a title, but there is a possibility some people have just paid several thousand dollars for only that, IF prices crash.

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Its the feeling of trying but not getting it would have frustrated me. Our pool manage to get in which was very lucky. How did your pool go?

But yah its all speculation but those like you and me who have been around for some time deep down would want a piece of land. Can't believe its that hard to even by virtual land and I thought real life land is bad enough where I am LOL


My pool was successful, but I've only gone in for 10 plots.

Remember that pretty much every product they've released in a pre-sale has dipped back to that presale price.

My thinking is that $700 or thereabouts is better spent on ETH and BTC now - they could double in value over winter while land just sort of sits there!

Then I'll be getting it even cheaper maybe in the future, in relative terms.

I do get the feeling that there are A LOT of people squabbling over the opportunity to get rich here, rather than a lot of people wanting to play the game, and without the later the former are going to find it a struggle to sell their land.

You never know, some people may have just paid $7500 for a title, and that's about it, if they can't sell that land.

Better off with real land for sure!

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I probably will try through the interface next time. Thanks for letting me know. :)