Splinterland Land Sale - Are You Ready?!~

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Hi Everyone,

The pressure is on, most players are hyped and we are anticipating for the land sale from Splinterlands. At the time of writing this post, we have just 14 days and 4 hours for the moment to come. Not great timing for me living in Ausland as it will be around 2am which means I need to either not sleep or set an alarm to buy my piece of land.

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If you remember my previous post, I am on the road on collecting the 850k to buy a tract (100 plots). It's a bit ambitious as I am not one of the top players so every day is more of a grind of getting those DECs from daily gameplay. I don't think I can make it to 850k by November so I have teamed up with another 2 players where at the moment have around 550-600k combined so we are still a bit off. It's pretty stressful considering everyone is trying their hardest playing their daily and buying DEC from the market, we are seeing DEC prices value close to the 1000 DEC = $1 mark. With land prices at 50% discount before the actual launch price, it is too attractive not to miss this opportunity.

This will have to be one of the biggest game investment I have personally put in this year. This year is a weird one with COVID19, wfh and all and I thought why not put myself in the land space. I can see this game going to get big so I want to be part of it when that happens and this includes putting myself buying land. The aim of buying the tract is great so my friends and I can be together on that tract without splitting with anyone else we don't know. The final 2 weeks is going to rough either buy more DEC from the market or buy cards which I suspect many people will be doing the final week leading up to the 1 round of land sale. Hubby thinks I am crazy waking up at crazy hours to buy land (not physical land!) and laughs that if I was that passionate about real land, we will probably don't have to work and just collect rent LOL. This shows how dedicated I am this time and meet that 850k DEC collection. Fingers crossed we will get it by pre-sale.


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very nice, travelgirl

teaming up seems like a good idea actually. 850K just from gaming seems like a gigantic task honestly. i am flirting with the idea of buying a tract with fiat and selling the dec until now for the about the double price already.

i dunno..time is short!

Every SL player is saving money for lands, I have heard a few saying that they won't buy much but the vast mayority has a lot of FOMO lol. Good luck in the 1st pre-sale.

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I wish you good luck with the Land pre-sale! I will be buying too. I have over 150K DEC spread over a few accounts and I'm looking to partner with others to hit that 850K mark and get a better discount. If you want another person on your tract team, we can talk about it.

I'm also looking for nice people to be my Land neighbors. You seem nice! :) I don't post all that much on here but I've been on STEEM/HIVE since almost the beginning and you can check out my comments and posts if you want to see how I interact with people. I also have a YouTube blog where I posted regularly for several years, so you can see my writing there and judge how I treat people. :)

Maybe we'll end up teaming up, maybe not. In either case, good luck in all your splinterlands battles and land acquisitions!