Splinterlands Land Investment Worth The Risk

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Hi Everyone,

Last week was stressful with Splinterlands land sale and the fact not everyone might get it from the pools (if you entered one) or those who chose to buy directly from the site. Honestly it is as stressful as buying real land in real life! It has been a LONG time since I stayed up for a game, probably pre kid days. I was going to get a Tract which would have cost me 750k if I pool with a group or 850k on my own. I was lucky to find a group I trusted and pooled with them.

Finding a pool that you trust is hard and I was lucky to find one with Team Possible. I sent 750k DEC over hoping for the best literally the saying, wearing my lucky socks that night. 2am Sydney time would be the results to see if our pool got it or else I would have to stay till 3am to try and beat the crowd to buy my tract. Thank goodness we were lucky and 2 out of 3 pools placed by us got in. Apart from the land we bought, we were also issued raffle tickets which in turn might get us some nice goodies. I got 750 tickets distributed very shortly by Dave from TP.

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This once off investment is for the long run. The Splinterland team is working on it and may take months or even a year to release the final product hence the huge discount early birds can get. Not only you get the land, you get raffle tickets that may turn into something bigger. Its a risk or gamble like some would say but this investment may come out bigger than expected! Look at the market for raffle tickets right now, there is a market for it so those who want to try their luck can also check Hive-engine for them. I'll be holding on most of mine unless some crazy price comes about (never know right) and that way could get some of the money I put out for land back into the pocket.

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There are so much possibilities this investment could turn out with land and raffles in hand + the title for a tract, the combo is endless. I did say it is risky waiting for an unfinished product but I believe in the team hence putting this amount of money to the game on top the cards I already own, it is the long term vision for a successful project in turn an increase to the items I own for this game.


Hope it works out for you.

I'm happy with the 10 plots I got and then whatever I get from the pool - I picked up another Bortus (I already have a 'spare' summoner for most other splinters) and maxed out a few shitty cards of various levels with some of the DEC I would have spent (and bought a bit more ETH) - I have this feeling that LAND is going to be designed to tie cards up, so you really can't go far wrong investing in some of those.

I mean from a value perspective, there's no point maxing out some of the cards ATM if you get my meaning as it's not worth doubling up to gain one extra point of damage, but I BET the way land works is that a maxed levels of cards staked to a plot give you an ever increasing chance to mine or make something valuable.

so for a legendary it'll be like 1/2/4/7 times greater for the levels - that's how they get people to burn more cards, it's a weak spot in the game's value proposition that they can now easily remedy.

I think the smart move is to max out crap cards now. They don't have the tech yet to distinguish between crap ones and good ones!

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heyyyy i was thinking if i missed the first round, chances of me meeting the 2nd round will be tiny so it was really a gamble.

I do have DEC left over considering i did have more than 850K in case our pool didn't get it.

But have there been any indication which cards are needed for mining? I mean speculation I have seen are the rusty android but is now way too overpriced to level up. I haven't really sold or burned cards so hopefully this move will help me level up those useful cards for mining if i have enough of them

btw, your 10 plots probably is a good start and then trade stuff with your friends or team


In the AMA the gist was that any card can be used for mining, and the chances of getting something increase with the level of card, and whether they're alphas, promos, dice too, but beyond that I think type of card is not going to factor in, not early on anyway.

As you say it is a gamble!

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I can't imagine how it could've gone better for me, personally. If both of my entries landed, I'd have felt compelled to hand one over to a losing pool, so more players could get a headstart on land.
I got one, on evelynclarke, and mattclarke's failure means a guaranteed region (for 9 million DEC). The fact we didn't quite make 54 in the first round means I'm not buying a 9 million DEC region somebody else wanted (at the time of the first round).
So I get both regions I wanted, for 16.5 million DEC; as well as a heap of raffle tickets, and the plots and tickets from providing liquidity in the DEC:ETH pool.
Very happy with the process and outcome; and selling out in less than 30 seconds is wonderful marketing for the game.

I have to say if both of your accounts got it, you will get some really angry players haha. Now its a good balance and you still feel like you are in it. The raffle tickets are also pretty good considering we get so much for a tract or region. PLUS you have the eth/dec side of things, you are very comfortable.

yes 30 sec is great for marketing but yah for players its a roller coaster ride hahaha


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Seems like a lot in bag awaiting

yah but it is a gamble as i mentioned.


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Simple like that??

We all are desperately waiting for land development. Thanks for sharing.

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