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RE: My Top 3 Favorite Games On Hive

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Games not fun, were stuffed with ads, paid so little you would never get a payout. A total waste of time.

I felt something similar and those I tried on here didn't really change my mind. Cryptobrewmaster, for instance, confused and bored me ( plus I stopped drinking alcohol some months ago ), Exode didn't work me ( couldn't even buy my first card ), Splinterlands felt too nerdy for me ( Never really got into role playing stuff, although I tried ) but, one way or another, DCity really changed my mind. Also because I see it as a serious change of yet another ( more or less ) passive income stream.

I used your referral to try out Rising Star and am playing it right now.


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Splinterlands.... too nerdy... hey, I resemble that! lol.

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Hahaha! I am probably considered somewhat of a nerd by many people in my offline life but compared to many people on the blockchain, I'm probably not haha.

I love Napoleon Dynamite though and can easily relate to nerds haha