What will farming DEC harvest?

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No one will accuse the Leofinance team of being disloyal to the hive chain. They have proven time and time again that they have a vested interest in seeing the hive chain become one of the top chains on the blockchain ecosystem.

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Reading through a previous post in which the team informed us of their intention to decrease the Cake token being farmed on the Cub Finance project in order to create room for the gaming app, Splinterlands' DEC token, I felt that loyalty.

Some comments in the comment section of the post worried about the effect of losing Cake, the native token of the Pancakeswap Dapp. Cake has large capacity and can be a means of bringing on more users to Cub Finance Dapp but the Leofinance people chose instead to bring a family member into the DeFi fold.

Though I looked at the possibility of Cub finance connecting with Splinterlands through NFTs, my expectations were not dashed. Yes, we may not get the volume that the Cake token would have given us but being able to farm DEC on Cub Finance means another utility for a game token.

This means more interest in playing the game to get more token. This means more interest in Splinterlands as an investment option. This means more utility for the Cub token as well. After all, is tit for tat. Splinterlands team might decide to Airdrop Cub hodlers or even use Cub as a medium of exchange on the Splinterlands market.

The effect of this planned farming of DEC is far reaching. It is a sign that any project on the hive chain that has a quality product and userbase could get into the DeFi game through Cub Finance. Isn't that awesome.

For some, it may seem that the entrance of the hive chain userbase into the DeFi space is not yielding results but just go to the Cub Finance telegram group and see the new faces and names that are popping in who have never heard of Leofinance or only heard of Hive in passing who are questing for information. The sweet thing is every one of them is being redirected back here, to Leofinance.io, to Hive.io.

I play splinterlands. It is the only blockchain game I play presently. I have never sold a card and never will. The farming of DEC means a price increase for both DEC and possibly the cards. Will Cub Finance venture into NFTs with Splinterlands as it's front man or will they create their own NFTs? Time will tell. I do know that there is profit here some where for those who believe.

The Cub token is cheap now. I suspect I will buy more before the price gets out of reach for folks like me. It is why I am posting and writing hard. I seek to invest a lot, as much as I can afford for tomorrow. I am not seeking to be a whale. That is too much responsibility. Money makes humans weird. I just want the freedom that it brings. I believe that I will get this done through investing in blockchain technology for long.

At the end, Leofinance seeks to give every Hive chain user access to a diversified portfolio of investments that is almost feeless and more fun that your nine to five. For those of us who have created content since the beginning back on Steemit, it is a dream gradually becoming a reality. Good morning


I play splinterlands. It is the only blockchain game I play presently. I have never sold a card and never will.

Diamond Paws!

I love how this is all a big family now, caring for each other. Feels very different to what this space was four years ago.

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Yeah. It was a dream back then. This reality is just amazing and there's more to come. I'm glad to still be here.

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It’s looking like 3D growth all around.

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Yes indeed. You grow, we grow. That's family. I love it

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It is cool that bDEC-BNB is now one of the farms. I early on wrapped some DEC with Ethereum when the option was offered and receive in game DEC rewards on the @splinterlands site that I can claim.

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I did not know of this. This is real awesome.