Why not buy $5-$10 of each Hive based token?

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Right now these coins are valued pretty low. Some may not survive but some are bound to. Not only that, these are Hive based projects that could use your support. Right now Leo, 3speak, and Splinterlands have a lot of support to move forward, partially because they have some investment to support them. If we all support them just a little bit, it might give them the boost to make some big things happen, to hire people in order to organize better, to raise awareness about their projects.

If any of these coins take off and you buy now, you are going to be a pretty big stakeholder. $5 now could be $500 or $5000 in a year or two. Just think how much it might be if you put in more.

Of course don't put your money into something that isn't serious. Do a little research first. See which coins are active in developing things, or at least growing their community.

I've always been a big fan of Natural Medicine's LOTUS and will double down, and I see very well that Leo is leading the way so I'm already invested in these two coins.

I just invested a bit in STEM, WEED, dcity, JAHM, DEC, PAL, and actfit. Just a few dollars each. All I need to make a return on my investment is for ONE of these to really take off. If CCC ever picks up again as a community, I'll buy a bunch of that too.

In the end I invest in Hive first and foremost, but I want to support all these coins just a little bit, and because their market cap is so small, just a few dollars can go a long way :-)

To buy Hive based tokens, go to Hive Engine, login with your keychain, and click DEPOSIT.




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It's something I have in mind to do, i think it's a great idea. I didn't know about the Weed token. What do you think about blurt?

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I think Blurt was a bad idea, and I don't really understand what they want to do other than vague complaints about Hive and Steem. Hive was small enough when it split from steem, it didn't need to split again, and I don't see how they have the resources or community to make anything happen. You have to pick your battles, and I don't think they did so intelligently. Had they collaborated with some other blockchain or community I might feel differently. Blurt is a competitor to Hive, not a Hive based token though...right?

Is it all bad? Maybe not, but I don't have high hopes for it.

Leo was it for me. I got leo at super cheap rate and now, I'm always in the green. I've reinvested a lot of my Leo earning on other tokens. Spreading the value around.

I'm earning more from curating hive-engine coins than I earn from Hive curation

really! I haven't played around much yet...I bought lots of Lotus because I have lots of friends there and want to give them something extra with my votes and cause I hope that community grows. Bought a bunch of STEM cause they have a strong community and while it's not really my cup of tea, I want them to grow. I got some WEED cause I think that's a fun niche to have at Hive even though I don't really read those posts, I like a lot of those people. And I got some BRO cause they give you other coins. Any other I should check out? I am looking for communities that are doing the best to grow so I could help push them along a little bit.

I was too late to LEO. It's my biggest holding still but I missed the big pump.

great, suggestion sir and a great post of your as always 🙏

Thanks for always tweeting out my posts 😉

no problem sir thanks to you sir for the amazing content

it is great we think the comunities have an amazing future.

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It's all up to us and how much we support them 😀

nice way of community support actually and not that big of an investment. Cool idea to do, maybe will give it a try as well, and one might just give me a lambo later on ;))

Lol not a fan of investment but still want the lambo eh? I just don't like hype!

heheh it is a figure of saying..

Lambos are hideous..but the idea of it is cool

It would be great, first I need more Hive! lol

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I feel you. That is the priority! You will figure it out!

Good idea! I just bought STEM tokens the other day. I wanted to buy cheaper but the price moved quickly in my face and my bur orders stay behind. I decided to buy some, stake it and wait. I'm going to check which tokens have good potential.

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You can set the price and wait for someone to buy. The liquidity is so low that you probably had an effect on the price with your purchase. I bought $5 usd of WEED and sent the price up 40%

I set some buying orders for STEM but people starring to drive the price up and someone placed buying orders that were much higher than mine, I got tired of waiting and I filled some selling orders hahaha.

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That’s how it goes. I think stem might be the next coin to grow in value at hive. Not really my niche but I like that we have it!

I bought stem at 0.13Hive and only a few days later, it jumped to 0.33Hive 😁

Nice timing! I put some orders at 0.15 / 0.16 and then it went up, I had to but higher... Next time I'm going to hurry.

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I just bought a fat stack with my leo gain after the pump. Imagine I sold like 400Leo and it covered for all the Hive I spent when I bought 2000leo 😄. If STEM can do something like this for me, I will be grateful


Wow! I remember some months ago I heard on Twitter that you were going to buy a lot of LEO. I'm buying more STEM little by little.

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Very interesting. Have you looked into purchasing and of the miner tokens for those that you mentioned. I know a couple of them do have miners. They are a little more expensive than the actual token, but it would be a great way to earn some passive income.

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Miners coming for LOTUS soon too. X

That's pretty cool! :<)

Wooooo I wanna get on that ! I may be absent most of the time but you know how much I support natural medicine and yooooouuuu

I wonder what the rate is...

It looks like a lot of them pay every 30 minutes and you get a 1x chance for every token you hold or something like that.

Like you, I believe in supporting the communities on HIVE in various ways. Thanks for your support of NM.. much appreciated!

first and most important thing is - dont use hive-engine but Leodex...

Hmmm seems pretty similar to me but without the logos. I do like how it shows you standing orders though!

It is good for deposit or withdraw HIVE - much less then hive-engine. Good is in wallet section richlist button...

Another interesting thing is to just buy BRO. If you do so, you will get a bunch of coins ( including Lotus ) in your wallet, every single day. You don't even need to stake your BRO for this.

Well that's nice! Thanks for telling me dude. Do you know the rate it distributes lotus and what other tokens it gives you? How do they do it?

I don't know about the rate but I got myself 50 BRO recently and you can check my wallet in Peakd - The Hive Engine transactions part - to see how much and which coins I receive daily. It's tiny bits, but it's passive income nevertheless, that hopefully adds up in the long term.

The guy behind BRO, raymondspeaks, hangs out in ( the ) Nat Med too these days. I'm sure he can answer your questions.

I bought a bunch of WEED yesterday, but I still don't have that much because I haven't posted enough. One of my other accounts has a like 1500 Leo or something like that and another one has 90-some thousand of the SPT/splinterlands one. I should get some of the other ones too though!

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Yeah absolutely! I went too deep into Leo trying to catch the fomo wave but I missed it. Now I wanna redistribute some of that in other good coins on Hive. I don't post about weed so Iduno if I can earn it but I sure as hell support it!!!

You can earn it for comments too, at least.

I did invest in STEM, already getting SIM tokens daily. A nice suggestion though on the tokens to invest. thank you. cheers

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How is dcity? Are there lots of people joining?

Smart move!

Great suggestion. Never heard about LOTUS. I shall check it out. I can foresee Leo going moon very soon.

LOTUS is the coin of Natural Medicine, they are one of my favorite communities here, dealing healthy food, yoga, exercise, natural lifestyles, farming, homesteading, spirituality and psychedelics. It's actually quite a broad based community with amazing people


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