The Blockchain Trading Card Game Wars

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After much thought and deliberation Splinterlands has won out over Gods Unchained for me in terms of where to spend my time and efforts in the current established Blockchain Trading Card Game (TCG) wars.

Splinterlands is straightforward to pick up but is immediately fun. Pick a team and the match plays out automatically with only RNG being a factor in how the battle then unfolds. The strategy in picking a team for each specific battle is where the real heart of the game lies. There is plenty of variety and skill involved to reward players for their effort. The involved and active community alongside the strategic nature of battles keeps players coming back to earn more.


Gods Unchained looks beautiful and is much more actively involved in-game, requiring players to play a card every move as well as set up their deck.


I personally feel Splinterlands has the upper-hand however due to the following points.

  1. A battle is pretty much always on hand in the Splinterlands but I didn't always find this to be the case with Gods Unchained. Getting matched up with an opponent of similar skill and card deck rating was also a little suspect in Gods Unchained. Splinterlands has the largest blockchain TCG community out there, so its hard to beat in this regards.

  2. Gods Unchained takes place on Ethereum without currently utilising a side or secondary layer chain. This is a problem due to the current sky high gas fees on Ethereum meaning less transactions will likely take place in the game. Splinterlands makes use of the versatile Hive chain where transactions are fast, cheap and simple.

  3. You have to download a stand alone client to play Gods Unchained as opposed to Splinterlands that can simply be played in the browser.

I'm making good progress in my short time in the Splinterlands and have already started to move up the rankings with minimal investment. I have got as far as the bottom silver league and received my first season rewards as can be seen below.



My next step is to start getting involved in the Splinterlands tournaments now. Starting with this, our beloved Brave organised novice Tourny.

brave splinterlands tournament.png

I highly recommend Splinterlands to anyone looking for another way to earn crypto whilst hopefully enjoying their time also.

I am on the lookout now to join an ambitious Splinterlands Guild so if any are looking for new members please contact me. I am new but I am progressing fast and I'm more than happy and willing to contribute and get involved. Thought I would post this here instead of just applying to random guilds that I know nothing about.

If you were planning on joining me in the Splinterlands please use my referral code so that we can both benefit and feel free to message me if I can advise further.

Thank you and hope to see you in game maybe :).

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