What Would You Do if $2000 USDT was "Airdropped" to You?

in Ask the Hive8 months ago

I know I missed out on the Uniswap airdrop and will be the first to admit I'm feeling major FOMO currently, so decided to take my mind off it a little bit and ask a question.


If you were airdropped $2000 USDT (which is about the average I see people earning from the airdrop if their Tweets can be believed) how would you spend that money?

I already know that I would take some of it and buy Eth until I had about $1000 worth of Eth and then convert some to USDC until I had about $1000 worth of USDC, and then probably use the rest to buy either Splinterlands card, Leo, or power up some more Hive.


I reinvested mine into XMR, XTZ, and ALGO.

I hadn't even heard of Uniswap until these posts about people getting hundreds of dollars from an airdrop started coming up, haha... so I'm right there with you about having missed out on it.

If I had $2000 USDT airdropped to me, I would probably buy more Hive... 😅