Splinterland Digital Fan Art: Flesh Golem

in Sketchbook8 months ago

full sketch.png

Been a while since i participate in the splinterland fan art contest which do make people to showcase their art work in the splinterland community and been a while i make use of autodesk sketchbook to make something like this. This week i just decided to put my laziness aside and enter the art realm and make something out of it.

i was scrolling through my splinterland card collections and Flesh Golem which is one of the earth monster card caught my attention, i rarely make use of the earth summoners but it really have some strong cards.

sketch part.jpg

after i download the image, i first of all make a pencil sketch using the image i downloaded and i was able to get this. pencil hardness is 1.5 with 100% opacity. after the sketching, i started painting it

first painiting.jpg

then the second painting part

second touch.jpg

this is my best satisfactory art work since i started learning how to make use of autodesk sketchbook, i really love this.

full sketch211.png


Excellent free drawing and tracing. I would give it a higher upvote if you would have changed the pose and create something more creative than just a copy. Looking forward to your next one.