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RE: A Review of MonsterMarket: An Online Shop for Purchasing Steemmonsters Cards and Packs at a Discount

in OCDlast year

I must admit that Montermarket has totally passed me by and so this was interesting to me. I've not bought many cards at once in a long time, and am not really getting involved in the newest sets but the analysis and buying options on this site look way more advanced than the other options - which I and others have struggled with when buying/selling cards.

You have been buying like mad of late, hopefully the timing is good and Splinterlands continues to shine this year!


He he! I found something in steem that passed you by! That's incredible!

Jokes asides, yeah I am liking the game, as it is relatively new for me; and takes my mind off politics. Lol.

Yeah I got a decent deck now, still my Life Splinter is very weak. Got to work on that. Plus deck is only one thing. I need more practice :)