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Use of Gelatinous Cube as a Tank

I landed with a strange battle situation @splinterlands today. This involves using Gelatinous Cube. I do use Cube from time to time, but I can't say I am a regular user. For a neutral monster in the first position, I typically go for the Lord Arianthus. But what I learned, that it correct situations, Cube can be formidable.

I do not have Gelatinous Cube maxed, but I think I probably should. At level 10 it gets Void, in addition of Heal and Scavenge abilities. The one that I have is at Level 8 currently, which is adequate I thought with Heal and Scavenge.


As you can see from the lineup that it is a Dragon vs. Life splinter battle. This is a bit strange for me, because I didn't have much of a life deck. So I had to choose Dragon (and life with it), but this is also battle of the commons, so I don't have too many common dragon attackers either. So my choices were really limited. I chose Camila, which turned out to be a great choice, as my opponent used all melee attackers, and Camila reduces their attack. I have Cube in the front and Serpentine Mystic and Centaur at the back.


The most interesting thing about this battle is all my monsters died. After 22 rounds (yes you can fast forward), Cube won by killing all monsters in fatigues! This is bizarre, if you ask me. Enjoy!


Battle Link


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Money brings money. He's an investor. Not his fault that his payout blooms with rewards. But in social media platforms, building ties with people changes the situations of payout, it is not by writing, it is by genuine social connection. It is by the community you are active in.

Harsh but so true. I mean this is a social media. The least you can do is be social... Spoken like a champ udezee.

True? The Steem blockchain, which includes Steemit is not really social media.
At least based on the statistics, nowadays the average number of comments per post is only 1-2 on the Steem blockchain, and most of those comments are bot comments.
How would anyone call that social? Most of the posts on the Steem blockchain are ignored or overlooked. I would be active, if I would know one active community.
Can (any of) you mention one active community on the Steem blockchain?
Please do not mention @dcooperation, because I got ignored/muted from that community because of regularly stating the truth about the rarity of the real human interaction on the Steem blockchain. Some people do not like the truth to be visible. They would rather hide it, and propagate false/fake positivity. And that community is not active anyway. Even the number of their supporters is going down (20 delegators left !), which is not surprising, considering/taking into account the censorship in it.

@xplosive I appreciate that you made your thinking visible. Trouble is, currently, steemmonsters is not an earning vehicle. Perhaps never was. It is unfortunate, but its true. I agree with you. I wish game developers had a broader vision.

it s a good tank, but in gold 3 forward is difficult win with that tank :D

As long as you won, cube monster still able to respond in mild fashion to L.A is still awesome. Great win!

Awesome work as always ... upsmoked and resmoked.

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Are you on drugs, lately?

Ha ha .... I don’t do drugs.