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Use of Vampire; which is rarely used

I landed with a death quest @splinterlands today. Normally I do not like Death quest much, but after introduction of the legendary summoner Mimosa Nightshade it is far more enjoyable. Trouble is that it is still difficult to use Mimosa consistently outside high-mana battles. Towards the end of the quest, which I played quite inconsistently by the way, I landed with an battle rule where I thought I can use something that I do not use often. So, today I am going to write about an interesting battle featuring the beta Legendary monster Vampire:

I do not have Vampire maxed, as I rarely find use for it. Mine is a level 8. As you can see from the stat below; at Level 8; Vampire has Life Leech & flying abilities. Since the Vampire only have 1 HP, it is quite dangerous to use, as it can die with just a single sneak, snipe or opportunity hit. But in this case, I was lucky, even with opponents summoner Contessa Lament, which severely reduces Vampires range attack, it still manages to work, because as per battle rules no melee monster was allowed. Also lack of shield is another good opportunity to use range attack monsters.


As you can see from the lineup that it is a Death vs. Death splinter battle. Summoners are evenly matched as both reduces the range attack by same amount. However, our line up is quite different. I had the Lord Arianthus in the front, which helped me a lot with two of the opponent's magic attackers. Also I had the cube for a back up tank, which turns out to be nearly invinsible.


The most interesting thing about this battle is how Vampire continue to perform life leech over and over again even against the return fire of Cornealus.


Battle Link


hi dear, nice game. u played some game

LOL! Josh, you are cracking me up here!

This Vampire is a great card in Equalizer rule - super fast, good ranged attack, and life leech with a good health.

And thanks for making me realize that I could be wrong about a Splinterlands card.

yeah Vampire is male😀

Well Done!! Good for you

nice cards :D

hola espero que me ayuden para ganar un concurso porfavor a difundir vean el video y mándamelo a tu amigo :) gracias