My recent rewards from Splinterlands (GF Legendary!!!!)

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Since I got back to the crypto scene recently I´ve been playing Splinterlands A LOT!. When I say a lot I mean on a daily basis and a couple of hours each day. Why? Well... because the game is quite addictive and I like the thrill of opening those Loot Chests that I earn everyday completing the daily quests.

I have a lot of free time lately therefore I´m trying to get some ROI from all the Alpha packs that I bought when the game just came out. Have I gotten lucky on the dalily quests? Mmmm not really, but I did get lucky opening some Untamed packs that I boucht with DEC. What did I get from those? Well... I managed to pull a GF Legendary after opening just 10 Packs!! Thats an AMAZING ROI from my small investment. Unluckily I got so excited that I forgot to screenshot the five cards from the pack, but hey... can´t blame me since I was so pumped that I went straight to the Market to see how much my new card was worth 😄😄

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But wait! There´s more! I also got super lucky (on the same day) and got a GF Epic from another pack! I sent this one to @the01crow as a gift for helping me so much, putting me up to date with all the changes (HF and so on) since I got back to the Crypto scene.

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And to sum up, here are some of my daily rewards that I got from completing the Quests. The best I got so far was 1 Untamed Pack and a couple of Epic cards, not amazing but hey... i´m not complaining.

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My plan is to keep playing Splinterlands as much as I can, trying to save some DEC (tough because I fall in the temptation of buying Packs 😅) and always hoping to get a super valuable card on my Daily or Seasonal rewards.

Want to challenge me? Do it! Im always keen for a battle! (and my strategy sucks so I´m easy to beat, lol)


Yeah save much dec as you can, because the azmare dice is coming this august 26 and I also play everyday by at least completing my daily quests.. lol..

By the way I love to challenge you, I will probably send you a challenge match when we both have a time haha

Do it! Challenge me Im always keen. I will send you an Alpha card if you beat me (98% chances you will)

BTW, are you a chef?

Also, sorry for the 15 days late reply 😆

No worries dude at least you replied haha, yes I'm a chef...

By the way I see you in discord, so I will send you a challenge late if ever youre online...

I`m also a chef 😊

Sure, hmu on Discord and we arrange the challenge!