This is a Call to All Community Leaders - AKA All Stemians

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I'll try not to rehash the recent announcement, but I'll probably make a post later tonight or early tomorrow on my thoughts to STINC selling out to Tron.

Community Leaders

Now is the time once again to take a stand. @soyrosa put together a post, well at least part of it on how we've kinda let Steemit INC take the reigns from us once again after we thought everything was falling apart.

I think now would be a good time to get things organized again on what the future holds. We could wait until Justin and Ned make an announcement once again tomorrow morning, but I'd rather be the

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It would be nice to see what are the plans and thoughts of others communities on the platform going forward. It looks like Steem Witness Forum will start right after Justin Sun's Dlive talk (The Dlive thing happens at 9 am Pacific at Stolen from linked post).

I've seen a post from Luke Stokes as well as Jarvie from Steempeak, most of his thoughts are down in the comments. I also appreciate the update from Splinterlands.

It would be nice to hear from Blocktrades, other top witnesses, as well as dapp developers such as the folks from @minnowbooster.

What I'd Like to Hear

What are your plans going forward? Maybe we're just getting up in arms about nothing, but I would assume Steemit Inc will be no more. If you're a developer on Steem what does that mean going forward?

Do we have the capability of keeping the blockchain running without them?

What is some funding that should be requested from the DAO to make sure we can keep this app sustainable and to incentivize others to come to develop on this blockchain?

Witnesses, do you plan on stepping down as you think this blockchain is going to be dead in a few months or will you be the captain going down with the ship?

I know justine announced that she's powering down and maybe it's too little too late, but could this be the time to turn Steem into the blockchain we've all dreamed it could be?

I'm Just a Content Creator

I don't understand what's going on and what this means for the blockchain and how big of an impact it is.

I can and do plan on making a post later for some easy upvotes how Steem is now going to the Moon without Steemit holding it back or it's going to crash and burn tomorrow.

It would be nice to see some opinion-based information sharing on what this could mean, what we can do about it, and how we can take this bomb and turn it into the best thing that's happened to the platform.

Maybe this is just the kick in the ass we need to take our destiny in our own hands once again.

With Steempeak integrating communities and Steem-Engine's work on "SMT's" I think we're so close to making it I just don't know who will be left to make that last push?


If youre on Twitter

I’ve been powering down for a bit, my post is simply explaining what I think is happening and expressing I won’t be moving to Tron.

I believe Msp conversation tomorrow will be a good one and hope it eases some minds.

That's the point though, do we have to move to Tron?

I guess we'll see tomorrow, but I have a feeling you're spot on with your comment on Asher's post. It'll be 90% Justin shill and Ned doing what he does best and just taking up space.

I've started a power down as well.

You know just in case tenor.gif

Well I am not sure what the expenses would be. I think the bulk of it is/was the hosting on AWS. With Ned and crew dumping Steem endlessly for ages, we never had a chance to see what value could be built into the coin price.

I have very mixed feelings, and I don't think it will be until the MSP talk after with witnesses will I have decided if this was a good or bad thing. Since we haven't heard anything really from Steemit Inc for a few months now I'm assuming things may go on pretty business as normal. At least hopefully.

I think this is awesome. The more people introduced to Steem the better. It's time we move beyond just the blogging circle jerking and into showcasing the tech Steem is capable of as a top blockchain.

Mergers and acquisitions! There are too many chains out there.

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Yeah but Tron bought Steemit the company, not Steem the Blockchain

Sure, but as much as Steem isn't Steemit, Steemit is a very big part of Steem. There are tens of thousands of other companies Justin Sun of Tron could have bought. I don't understand your point, why would he buy Steemit if he wasn't interested in Steem?

Now we will really see if steemit isn't steem.

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I'm going to listen to the AMA and go from there. The blog post is too vague for now. I could imagine this meaning Sun is simply putting resources in Steemit and speed up the development of what Steemit has been doing - as far as what's going to ahppen with tokens: there are so many options, some good, some bad, that I'm not going to speculate for now. But Steemit is not Steem, and the fact Sun bought Steemit means worst case scenario we'll get a fork of Steem, which will be 'us', the original Steemians, and a new variety of Steem on Tron, with or without some sort of airdrop for us and them.

I'm glad I didn't have dinner plans for tomorrow as that is when the AMA will be for me :D

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