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RE: Leaving the world to follow behind

in OCDlast year

What a beautifully written and thought provoking story! A lot of pretty intense emotion - or at least that is the way I read and perceive it.

Also... VERY nice photos!



Thanks. I am nor sure if people enjoy reading this kind of thing, but I enjoy writing it.

The photos are from Poland during SteemFest 3.


I was going to ask if you had taken then, but just decided to assume haha!

As for the writing, in my opinion... I think this sort of writing has a lot more to do with the writers enjoyment / therapy than the reader ;)

Yes, it may be a niche group of people that appreciate it - but they will REALLY appreciate it and that is worth more than a mass of "I kinda get it" :)

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with niche group content contribution, but I wouldn't expect to get much support if this is all I did, as the niche isn't that large. It helps my head at least.

The writing variation is kind of like cleansing the palate for my mind. :)

Well, your mental health and clarity is pretty important haha!

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