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RE: Squirrel teeth and other amazing photos!

in OCDlast year

Munchy crunchy good teeth to chew on, I need some of those... How envious I am of sharks being able to replace (at no cost), or strong teeth like Squirry, damned teeth are the bane of my life.

Nonetheless this posts has proven just how well you manage using both hands even when they confuse each other!

Have a glorious Sunday and a smashing new start to the month of March. Oh yes, not to forget hello to Marian and Troy!


Hahaha about the teeth Lady Joan, the less said the better Lol.
Yes, I am lucky in some ways as I can shoot with either hand and it is of help at times when I have to cling onto something.
Thank you for the greetings and I have passed them on.
May you guys have a great week.