Playing With Earth Summoner - In-Depth Gameplay Review : Alpha Animated Corpse Giveaway

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Hello Splinterland Players!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying Splinterlands

This is my 4th edition to the Summoners series and today we will talk about Earth! Last week I posted a blog about Water summoner and I hope all of you have liked my post. I received very meaningful interactions regarding Water splinter in my post last week. So this week I thought to come up with a new summoner and to continue with my summoner series. We have already covered Water, Death and Life so far, now I think Earth time has come!

Earth is nature. Earth is the beginning and end of all life forms. When we think about Earth, We always visualize monsters with massive healths. No matter how much attack power your monsters possess, are they enough to kill those giants? Melee, Rangers or magics? What it takes to overtake those monsters aided by nature itself. Lynna nature, the queen of the Earth realm and the bride of Aggrodius Lightbringer is mother to all the lives that breaths on the earth. Not only she has summoning ability, but she also provides all friendly monsters with more health when they fight for her. More health means harder to kill.

If you ask me, Out of all summoners, I love Earth the most! Having a gigantic amount of health, almost every earth monster takes more than 1 or 2 decent blows before going down, giving you extra time to kill the enemy ones. Also, who isn't aware of many heal decks that we can make with Earth Summoners. Yes, there may be some vulnerabilities as no one is perfect rule, but most of the time Earth works great in the battlefield.

I will be using my heron account @red-dog to play with earth summoner as it contains the max beta cards and some reward cards. Thanks to @netaterra for this opportunity to let me play with the deck. Let us see the Water collection first.









Here, luckily I have all the 3 beta summoners. Also, I am having the brand new max Kron the Undying with me now! Now it's time to take a leap of faith into the battleground. Let's see what can I possibly do with the Earth Squad!

Battle Link: Click Here

Opponent: @coolguy123

Ruleset: Reverse Speed (lowest speed monsters will attack first and so on) + Close Range (Range monsters can attack from the first position)

Mana count: 18

Active Summoners: Water, Earth, Life and Dragon.


In this match, my opponent was coolguy123 who is a very good player at Splinterlands. It will be a great match I hope, so let us start thinking now!

Reverse Speed If we focus on the ruleset, when reverse speed is applied, the lowest speed monster will attack first and vice versa. A bit tricky it is.. but only keep in mind to use as many low-speed monsters as you can.

Close Range: In this rule, Range monsters can attack from the first position, so they will behave like melee sneak monsters that will not quit when even in the first position.

So, we have 18 mana to use, after choosing the Lynna Natura, I would have only 15 mana left. I have to carefully choose the cards so that I can defeat the opponent. When 4 different types of summoners are available to play an 18 mana match, it's really hard to tell what summoner my opponent will choose, but for me, I will go with a group of small archers. I chose Earth Elemental, Swamp Thing, Cyclops and Halving Alchemist. Then for the remaining 2 mana and 2 spots, I chose Coca at the front followed by the chicken.

Battle Line-up


  • I chose Cocatrice level 8 at front defence. At max level, it carries 2 attack, 4 health at 6 speed. Thou it is one of the highest speed monsters in Earth, It's my only option to cover the front and I 'll take my chances with its awesome abilities. It has 2 abilities, Evade (This ability gives her an increased chance to evade a ranged or melee attack from enemy monsters. It's very helpful when you place your Javelin at the rear position) and Flying (Has increased chance of evading a ranged or melee attack).

  • I chose Furious Chicken in the second place so that it consumes one of my enemy attacks.

  • At the third place, I chose Earth Elemental level 8. At max level, it carries 3 range attack, 8 health at 2 speed. A mixture of low speed and high healable health may work good, moreover, for close range, it can attack from front position and can become a tank card.

  • At the fourth place, I chose Cyclops level 8. At max level, it carries 3 range attack, 9 health at 2 speed. It has 2 abilities, Stun (Stun ability has a chance to knock out an enemy monster for 1 round) and Shield (take reduced damage from a ranged or melee attack). This beast is hard to kill I can assure!

  • At the fifth position, I used a max halving Alchemist! It only cost 2 mana and carries 2 range attack, 3 health with 1 shield at 2 speed. It has 2 abilities, Halving (Each time the monster hurt enemy monsters attack got halved (rounded up)) and Redemption (Does 1 damage to every enemy monster when dying).

  • At last position, I use swamp thing as it's the best option for 2 mana as I thought that moment. It posses 2 abilities - Weaken (Reduce the health of all enemy monsters) and Slow (All enemy monsters get -1 speed).

Battle Result





Well, the luck was on my side and I somehow own the match. My opponent chose water summoner. He chose Turtle at the front followed by Medusa, Mermaid healer, Albratos and Crustacean King at the rearmost position.

  • At the first round, both his Turtle and King missed their attacks on my coca! But the mermaid killed him with a magic blow.

  • At the second round, my chicken also got killed in the first round, then my elemental killed his Turtle.

  • At the third round, my cyclops killed his medusa.

  • At the fifth round, his Mermaid and also the Albratos got dead by my archers. Lastly, my Halving Alchemist killed his King.

Well, I have to admit it was a weird match, but at this low 18 mana match, I decided to depend on my archers rather than any giant melee ones. My coca and chicken got dead at the initial stage but helped me killed his fat frontal defence. After his medusa got killed, my remaining deck easily killed his rest monsters. By the way, I just got the Alchemist from Netaterra along with the Kron! It's really working great! I really liked the battle and I hope you all have enjoyed too.

I really enjoyed writing this post and I will be pleased to know all of your feelings.

  1. Do you like Water monster, if not then What is your favourite monster?

  2. What summoner Do you want me to use in my next post?

  3. What is your best Water monster and why?

Please le

Winner of Alpha Goblin Shaman

I am very happy with the heartwarming replies from all my friends from my previous post Playing With Water Summoner - In-Depth Gameplay Review : Alpha Rexxie Giveaway

Thank you @libertycrypto27 @seadbeady @adrianhdez929 @comule @cornavirus @mindblast @xabi. I have decided to randomly pick a comment winner using Wheel.



Congratz @adrianhdez929 ! I have already sent you the card!

Last but not least, I really wanna cheer @aggroed @yabapmatt and the entire @splinterlands team for their continuous and tireless effort on this game. You guys rock!!

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That was a nice battle @mango-juice.

I think my Medusa got exposed too early.

Had I put Furious Chicken in second position, I think it would have soaked another round allowing my Medusa hit one more monster from your side.

I totally forgot about Furious Chicken in the battle.

Good Luck and see you in the battle again :)

Yeah sometimes I forget about him too but in low mana matches I use him most of the time! Your deck was great too... Just my alchemist got lucky this time. Wish we meet soon again!

:) Thank you, Have a Good day my friend :)

@tipu curate

Do you like Water monster, if not then What is your favourite monster? Yes I like the water monsters.

What summoner Do you want me to use in my next post? Bortus

What is your best Water monster and why?
I like the Ruler of the Sea he does a lot even at level 3.

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Thanks man! And please do participate in my giveaway when you get time. Just tell me about your favourite summoner, that's it! 😄🤘

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