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It has been a while since I posted on Splinterlands, though I never stopped playing the game. Here I am back to take it up from where I left. The thing that amazes me is the expansion the game is witnessing. Just when I thought that the game is becoming uni-dimensional with its game-plan, Splinterlands surprised me with the land sale and, therefore, a newer dimension to the game. I can’t wait to see that unfolding.


Okay, coming back to the topic at hand. We will be looking at the Sea Monster and its efficacy in a battle. When I started playing the game, it was @raynie who gifted me the Sea Monster. Until then, I used only to lose battles where my opponents used the Sea Monster. It is a strong self-healing tank, which was awesome to use in almost all water splinter battles. Let’s see some more of the monster.

But before that, how about getting to know Splinterlands as a game for the newbies and the uninitiated? So, let’s go.


What Game is Splinterlands?

Well, it is one of the earliest blockchain-based collectible games. Though I started playing the game quite late, I should have had gotten going early in hindsight. Anyway, no need to despair. There are so many opportunities no matter when you start.


Splinterlands is a digital card game that allows you to collect, trade, battle, rent, and even earn on the cards. It is one of the most generous games that I have seen where cards, potions, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC. Cryptocurrency) are given out every day to thousands of players for just playing and winning daily quests. And there are tournaments or guilds that you can join.

Just to give you an idea of a few of the uber-expensive cards, take a look at this recent purchase of Prince Julian at USD 3500.

Card Purchase Contract: Gold Foil Prince Julian

Did you go to the link and see for yourself? I hope you did. And I hope that gives an overview of the game. I just love the game, and those interested can go to Splinterlands’ site and join. If you want a link to join, I will leave one at the end of the article, which you can use.

Scroll down, quick. 😊

Besides, there is a land sale in progress too. I will update you on that pretty soon.


Sea Monster – The Undying Champ

When we talk about tanks to be used in the first position within the water splinter, Sea Monster is sure to make its presence felt. It is indeed a great card that provides health of value 8 and a strike force of 4 at a mana cost of 8. There are not many cards that could be of such value for money. It is not just about the mana cost and health value being equal, but also about the regeneration of health every time. That has to be something.

I have used the Sea Monster (Sea-M) in many battles, and I won more battles than lost. Yes, I did lose, and the only reason for that was the Sea Monster’s slow speed. Because of the slow speed, if the opponents’ monsters target the sea monster indiscriminately, then they could wipe out the Sea-M even before it could attack, let alone regenerate. That is the only drawback.

But let’s see the monster in action.


Sea Monster – Driving the Enemy Away!

Here is one battle of the low mana cost of 21 and with earthquake rule. I know Sea Monster may not be the best choice for the earthquake rule, but then again, the Sea-M does regenerate. So, I took a chance. But I did pair it with the Phantom of the Abyss. That would make the equation a little better.

Here’s what happened



My team comprised of just two attack monsters - the Sea-M and the Phantom of the Abyss. With Alric Stormbringer as the summoner, the Phantom would have an enhanced magic attack value of 4. That means it would have a strong magic attack and would be immune to the earthquake rule. So, it all boiled down to the Sea-M holding the front.

The opponents’ choices were not bad, either. The Nectar Queen and Screeching Vultures were flying monsters and would be immune to the earthquake spell. However, it was their position that baffled me. But I realized that they had placed it well.

Let’s see how.


The Battle Begins

Obviously, the opponent’s Furious Chicken would be toast in no time, and then the Gelatinous Cube gained one health value and came to the first position. Until now, I thought that the Nectar Queen and Screeching Vultures were wrongly placed. But then the earthquake rule set in.


Once the Earthquake set in, the other monsters started losing health, including Sea-M. Though the opponents’ monsters were not attacking, except the Screeching Vulture, at least they were not losing health. That was a good idea.

Then what happened?


The Battle Turns Into A War

The Gelatinous Cube was soon consumed as well, and then that brought the Nectar Queen to the front. The Sea-M was still braving the earthquake rule and the Screeching Vulture’s attack. Despite both, the Sea-M was at health of 7. Not bad.

Take a look:


But here’s where things started to turn in the opponent’s favor. Remember, I told you all that if there is a sustained attack on the Sea-M before it could regenerate, it will be lost? That is what happened. The Nectar Queen’s attack, followed by the Screeching Vulture and the earthquake rule, consumed the Sea-M in one go. But the Sea-M had dented the Queen’s health by 4 before it perished.


A good job, I would say!


The War Races To Conclusion

Did I lose? Well, almost.

You see, the Phantom’s attack brought down the Queen’s health to just 4, but now it had to stand the attacks of both the Queen and the Vulture. And here’s where the miracle happened. Both the attacks were missed. Obviously, since the Phantom is a high speed dodging monster, it sometimes dodges even flying monsters. But both together was a surprise.

And that did the trick. The Phantom ripped apart the Queen, and then it was the turn of the Vulture.


Funnily, the Vulture missed again. In hindsight, even if the vulture had hit, it would have reduced the Phantom’s health by one. That was still not enough to save itself. Anyway, the Phantom's magic strike of 4 sealed the deal taking down the Vulture in one blow.

That’s it. I won the battle.

Phew! 😊


Where Do I Find the Sea-M Useful?

The Sea Monster is useful almost everywhere, barring the very high mana battles. Why, you ask? In high mana battles, there will be monsters with a high attack value, and if all of them have speeds higher than the Sea-M, then the Sea-M is history. Because of its low speed, it wouldn’t even get a chance to attack. This is something we have discussed twice before in this article.

However, it does stand on its own in most of the battles and, more so, in the following two cases.

Low Mana Cost Battles

Now, everyone would agree that the lowest mana battle that anyone would have played is 11. The Sea-M fits in even in this battle. With a summoner of mana cost 3 and the Sea-M of 8, we still get the battle. And here is the fun part. We can use the Furious Chicken in the first position so that it can take the first attack. The Sea-M can manage itself after that. But what is the outcome?

Well, almost always, I win. The reason is simple. While others try to fit in 2 or 3 monsters within the 11 mana cost, they have smaller monsters with smaller attack value. This means that if these monsters' combined attack value is equal to or lesser than the Sea-M’s healing ability, the Sea-M will recover and destroy the opponent. And even if the combined attack value is greater, the Sea-M will eventually destroy the smaller monsters faster and survive. That’s the idea.


Reverse Speed Battles

Okay, here’s where we neutralize the Sea-M’s biggest problem – its speed. The reverse speed makes the Sea-M’s speed its best asset. This means it attacks first and packs a punch at that. And from there, the Sea-M marches ahead in glory. 😊


Leveling Up

The Sea Monster is one of the few monsters with ability right from level 1. As it levels up, the stats become further impressive.


By level 6, the Sea-M gets thorns along with self-heal. The biggest problem that we noticed is also handled. The speed of the Sea-M improves to 2 by level two and to 3 by level five. That is the most it attains. The already impressive health further increases to 12 by level 10. That makes the Sea-M a formidable tank. No wonder it is still a sought after card, despite its low cost.


Did That Give You a Good Idea?

There are many reasons to love the Sea Monster and very little to not. Besides, the known shortfalls correct themselves as one level up the card. The Sea-M, therefore, is one good card to have in your arsenal when playing the Water Splinter. You would be amazed at the number of battles it can win for you singlehandedly!

So, that’s it from me. Have fun playing on Splinterlands!



Want to Join Splinterlands?

You can click below and follow the link. All the best!




Image Courtesy: Splinterlands


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Great summary and the Sea Monster certainly played his part!

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Thanks, buddy! Glad you liked it.. 😀😀

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

With the healing ability, Sea Monster alone can get rid of an army sometimes, I hope.
You did well on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.

Thanks @ashikstd!