Squirrel teeth and other amazing photos!

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A selection of shots here today that you might also find to be wonderful!


This is our wild Squirry resting in the morning sun and yes, she does have teeth!
Although she is getting on in age, as those teeth were once razor sharp!

A mix and match of photos here so that you don't become bored. I mean, who wants to see squirrel teeth only as there are so many other beauties available in nature.
I did not want to stick to one subject only and even included an early evening set of photos too.
Come and see something different!


Hope you put your shades on to have a look at this shot Lol.


I took about 20 shots of squirry in the tree this morning, but these 3 will do!

Now we move one to another wonder!


See the yellow circle? There is something amazing inside that circle!


Ah! Here it is, a pair of Cape Skimmer males and my first to see this!


Beautiful...and they kept low to avoid the very strong winds that we have had today!

And now another something else!


I have not planted this blue plant gift out yet, but found this "Fruit Chafer" stripping its pollens!


Of course he saw me and I got this shot just before he flew away!

Finally, here are the evening photos that I mentioned!


A Hadeda Ibis crossing a hazy late sky as we have had very hot days lately!


Even the late afternoon moon was covered by the heat haze.

IMG_4433 (2).JPG

Now I didn't plan this shot and it was a lucky bonus!
I saw the late goose coming over, took a quick shot and saw on my PC that I also got the moon in the background!

I follow the same system every day with my camera. First I take my shots as I can during the day, then at home I transfer the camera's content into my PC. I then select the photos for a post, crop them, sign them and finally upload them like you see here. It normally takes me about an hour or two to do a post, as I type painfully slow, with only one finger Lol.
But I don't allow this to get me down, as just by having a look at the hundreds of posts and comments that I have done, will show you that we were all created to overcome any obstacles in life.

Now you may laugh because I only type with one finger, but I have a condition called "ambidextery" meaning that I have two right hands and two left hands. My left hand is my right hand and visa versa. So hahaha, I can type with one finger using either hand Lol. Something funny here is that I cannot wear anything with many pockets. Both hands puts anything where they like and I am forever searching for stuff in my pockets. A bit of a mess, especially when one is in a bit of a hurry and you need the car keys Lol.

Note: All photos except the first one (source cited) are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX60 HD on Auto and Macro settings!

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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Cool! I have never seen a close up of squirrel's teeth although I suspect they are very powerful for what they eat, cracking open nuts and such!
Beautiful shot of the squirrel in the tree with the lichen on it! Is it a very old tree our is that quite common to have lichen growth like that on the trees in South Africa?
Dragon fly and fruit chafer photos are beautiful too but I am rather parcial to bird pictures - especially photos with birds and the moon!
I took a photo of that same moon but on the other side of the earth where we had a mild day (finally have temperatures above freezing) and very clear skies. I'm going to include it in my post today along with my #featheredfriends post.
Thanks for sharing and also for writing such wonderful additions to you photographs even if you only type with one finger (on each hand)!

Hreat, now you know and have seen squirrels teeth my friend.
This complex where we stay was built about 30 years ago and before that it was a farm that existed since the early 1800s. No trees were removed in the complex, so yes, this tree in our garden is a vey old tree and we love it!
You see? That's why I just had to share the bird photos and the moon, especially for you!
I will of course have a look at your post, but we had a very busy Sunday and as you can see, it is now late afternoon here.
Hahaha, this one finger has done many wonders over the years my friend Lol
Blessings to you guys!

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Another thing we have in common I am also ambidextrous, but I dont have the problem with finding things in my pockets, some things I do mostly left handed and others mostly right when walking around or putting things in my pockets, but other things like settign the table I struggle with as I just cant get into my head which side the knife of fork should be on, one day I doit one way and the next meal the opposite lOL

Gorgeous shots

Well, all that I can say here is that we were cut from the same stone JJ.
An added problem for me is that my left and right brain don't communicate, some damage from the beatings that I had as a child and I have only learned later in life how to cope with it.
But such is life my friend.
Can you believe that I have never set a table and I wouldn't even know where to start, so you are one up on me, even if you do it wrong hahaha
Blessings to you guys!

Sorry to hear that, and I seldom set the table properly, I just put the knife and fork together most times lOL

Oh well, at least you put the spanners in the reach of people to eat with it. That's all that counts!

LOL at Spanners :)

😉 😉 😉

Love squirrels. They are too cute for words!


Hahaha, cute and naughty, but we would not want it any other way my friend.
Thank you for the kind tip.

Too true! - we would not want to think of them as rats without tales now would we... HAHAHAHA!!!!

Lol no, and a bit upsetting that they are classified as rodents.

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I always wondered how a squirrel opens a nut...teeth!

Great photos, you have ao many creatures around your home to share living with.

One day I will show you how Baboons open a nut my friend. (Not with their teeth). Glad that you liked the pictures and it's a veritable wild life zoo over here.
Blessings and thank you!

Some nice shots and I like the moon pic! What cam were you using?

Thank you my friend.
I use a Canon Powershot SX60.

What camera do you use to take photos as good as this?

Thank you.
I use a Canon Powershot SX60 my friend.

Nice! Amazing photo you have!!! (^_^)

Thank you and I am glad that you liked the photos my friend!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Great photos of beautiful nature. I love those blue flowers, do you know the name of the plant? It’s not familiar to me.

Thank you my friend.
I will ask the lady that gave the pot plant to us as a gift what their name is. Will let you know.

Thank you for the daily inspiration with your beautiful photography and uplifting posts, always an absolute delight reading it! Blessings to you and Marion:)

Thank you for the kind comment my dear friend.
So nice when someone really appreciates one's posts.
But I still and can never cook as well as you do. Top class.
Blessings also to you guys!

Congratulations, my friend! Fabulous shots!

Thank you my dear friend. Glad that you liked the shots!

Munchy crunchy good teeth to chew on, I need some of those... How envious I am of sharks being able to replace (at no cost), or strong teeth like Squirry, damned teeth are the bane of my life.

Nonetheless this posts has proven just how well you manage using both hands even when they confuse each other!

Have a glorious Sunday and a smashing new start to the month of March. Oh yes, not to forget hello to Marian and Troy!

Hahaha about the teeth Lady Joan, the less said the better Lol.
Yes, I am lucky in some ways as I can shoot with either hand and it is of help at times when I have to cling onto something.
Thank you for the greetings and I have passed them on.
May you guys have a great week.

What amazing and beautiful pictures.!!
Can you recommend a camera for a brand new beginner?
I have only taken pics with my lg smart phone, and have found out I really enjoy taking pictures. I am wanting to buy a camera yet I know nothing about them or for that matter photography....lol.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and I started with a smaller Canon Powershot SX450 my friend.
They are fixed lens with many settings and also a nice zoom, so you don't have to buy extra expensive lenses. Many guys still use them today and I would say that they are perfect for beginners.
Hope that this helps!

Wildlife photography might be my favourite kind of photography. I loved these shots, specifically the one with that bird and the moon in it, I know how hard it is to get a shot like that lol.

This has definitely inspired me to dust off my camera, wonder around and see what I can get!

Thank you and glad that I could get you to dust your camera off my friend.
I am sure that mother nature will welcome you with open arms.
At a time past I used to get many moon shots and here is my favorite one for you. Just to give you more inspiration.



👌 ❤️ 👌


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Howdy sir papilloncharity! Wonderful photos of Squirry and the other creatures and nature sights! Gorgeous.

Thank you my friend and glad that you liked it!

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