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RE: Squirrel teeth and other amazing photos!

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Cool! I have never seen a close up of squirrel's teeth although I suspect they are very powerful for what they eat, cracking open nuts and such!
Beautiful shot of the squirrel in the tree with the lichen on it! Is it a very old tree our is that quite common to have lichen growth like that on the trees in South Africa?
Dragon fly and fruit chafer photos are beautiful too but I am rather parcial to bird pictures - especially photos with birds and the moon!
I took a photo of that same moon but on the other side of the earth where we had a mild day (finally have temperatures above freezing) and very clear skies. I'm going to include it in my post today along with my #featheredfriends post.
Thanks for sharing and also for writing such wonderful additions to you photographs even if you only type with one finger (on each hand)!


Hreat, now you know and have seen squirrels teeth my friend.
This complex where we stay was built about 30 years ago and before that it was a farm that existed since the early 1800s. No trees were removed in the complex, so yes, this tree in our garden is a vey old tree and we love it!
You see? That's why I just had to share the bird photos and the moon, especially for you!
I will of course have a look at your post, but we had a very busy Sunday and as you can see, it is now late afternoon here.
Hahaha, this one finger has done many wonders over the years my friend Lol
Blessings to you guys!