Battle with SERPENTINE SPY - With EQUALIZER: my favorite rule and a good victory.

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A low mana cost, the excellent scavenger skill taking advantage of the weakest victims and its good speed have given me a lot of headaches when I found a SERPENTINE SPY on the battlefield on the side of my adversaries, but today is on my side and it has given me a good victory.

I still remain in the Diamond III league and with less difficulty I reach that league, however, or I have been able to climb more.


I loved this Battle because one of the rules of the game was my favorite. where I use the combination of EXPLODING DWARF together with SERPENTINE SPY to help me in my strategy, despite the fact that I am looking for more speed than my adversary, in the end it was the same because my opponent also raised his and under mine. in the end the result was as expected.



In battle I decided to use the PYRE Fire Summoner, for its benefit of increasing the speed of my monsters on the battlefield, and especially because of the EQUALIZER rule, one of my favorites.

Use the following alignment.


In the first row EXPLODING DWARF was the best option since his attack is strong and he also damages the next monster in the second row which is great.

In the second row use our main character SERPENTINE SPY who would keep attacking from any position although he should have left it behind.



If there is a legendary card that I love it is ZALRAN EFREET, while the other monsters do the work apart it grows stronger with each attack made.

A great option for of course to slow down attack speed at very low mana cost is CREEPING OOZE. and although it has little life the EQUALIZER rule allows it to last longer on the battlefield.



The saving hen can not miss, when it comes to having a distraction for the enemy it will always do its job, it also allows those from remote attacks to attack longer.

A great company chooses FIRE ELEMENTAL who together with EXPLODING DWARF agree their attack to deal damage to first and second row monsters. It is fast and a great option.


Although my initial idea was to increase the speed of my cards and decrease those of the opponent, it was the same since the enemy did the same for him, and what helped me the most was that he chose a monster with track 10, so that it was my biggest advantage.

In the end I got a good result and crushed the enemy with my choice and strategy.

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