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Spirit Shaman with the divine shield at level 1, it's a kind of an uncommon and precious fighter and the magic attack never miss his target.

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Biceratops has a good mana cost and all stats well balanced, it fits perfectly in a battle with low mana cap

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This chicken has no attack, but the enemy will waste a hit and in a low mana cap battle can be fundamental

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Spirit Shaman, he doesn't get any damage on the 1st hit and replies with its magic attack

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Goblin Thief, he take care of enemy's last lines, would be great to have 2 of it

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A magic attack with the snipe ability it's a really perfect combination to make the difference

Not an easy task to kill that Unicorn Mustang, all my magic attack are useless, but thanks to my summoner all my mosters have the thorns ability that help me to defeat the Unicorn and the rest of the enemy team.

link to my battle

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screenshots from Splinterlands site


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