Barking and Farting Spider in Battle

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I guess you're probably wondering why a Spider barks, well so am I but in Splinterlands, there are a lot of things that don't go the "normal" way. The barking spider is one of the cheapest monsters in the game and is a pretty straight forward/chill type of dude that you add to get the basic ranged monster effect on your battle.

Outside the game though, this little dude is often stinking up the forests in the Splintral lands by releasing an "unpleasant odour"(farts) that they use to blind their prey. Since they can grow to about the size of chickens, they generally shouldn't be fucked with, so make sure you punt the bastards like 50 yards...if you can that is.

The Battle

This battle was pretty straight forward; I went with Dragonscale because it's my baddest Summoner and combines favourably with the Earth monsters to make a formidable team.

In front was a brute with healing ability, right after was Zippy to boost speed and melee, ugly vulture, nymph, the prince of divorce because he takes half and finally good old fatty the barking spider.

The teams look evenly matched on paper but a few things made the difference in this battle.

Top of the list is my opportunity vulture dude who made sure I had the front foot by taking out the monsters with least health, which happened to be creeping ooze.

Once we got ooze out of the way, we had a bit more wriggle room and then the prince of divorce hit that lizard magician, ensuring that she can only hurt me a little.

Another defining factor in this game was the wood nymph that consolidated on the front row brute's healing ability, thus letting it last longer upfront. Barking spider was largely useless in this battle in terms of attack but it was also pivotal in the third round when it evaded a hit from the sneak monster put in place to weaken my team from behind.

The Lesson

At the end of the day, I learnt that it is best to play to your monster's strengths and you should never be afraid of experimenting with monsters that just give buffs but don't attack. Despite all the attacking verve from my team, one telling aspect of my victory was thanks to good old zippy in the second position that boosted speed and melee, thus keeping me in the front foot the whole time.

The boost in speed was invariably the reason why Barking Spider was able to evade that hit by the kobold miner and this once again shows how tiny margins can go a long way in determining the outcome of a battle. I hope you enjoyed my battle and I look forward to your comments in the comment section below.

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