How do bots make you feel?

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Ever since I've been around this platform, bots have constantly found use in some way or the other. Hate it or love it, it seems they are here to stay. In the past, the issue was paid curation but after a large part of the community agreed to put an end to that practice, most of those upvoting bots have either left or paid more attention into curating.

However, the problem with bots is that irrespective of how you try, they will always find use in some way. Whether you use them to make automated responses or for tipping content creators that use a certain tag, they will always slide in.

One aspect of these bots that has caught my attention is the use of bots in Splinterlands. As much as I understand why people don't like their presence, I still think they have their uses, so I sit carefully on the fence.

On one side, I think bots damage the organicness of the game. Every time I run into Enminers or any of those bot accounts, it loses that vibe that playing against a human gives. I like the rush I get from pitting my wits against another person and watching how we set up our teams for battle, but with bots in the fray, this particular joy is sucked out.

On the other side of the spectrum, I get why bots may be important in the general scheme of things. I don't have concrete data of how many people play the game but sometimes I feel like having a few bots laying around to handle battle orders when humans are absent is a good thing. These bots generally keep the flow of the game going, plus, so if you don't know about the existence of bots in the first place, then it won't bother you.ignorance is bliss after all.

I feel like finding a common ground between the two views will build a better ecosystem. Splinterland keeps growing and with all that going for it, a lot of people invest time into making ways that they can game the game, which in theory is not a bad thing. After all, bots were made by people, so every time you play against one, you technically stilled battled the creation of someone's mind, which is effectively the human, bar the emotions.

I like to think that people working in the background know the bots from humans, and I'd suggest that creating a system where humans get first priority over bots will go a long way in ensuring that the game still retains that organic feeling.


Bots have their ups and downs anyways. By the way, how are you surviving as an arsenal fan?. How far the injuries for players wey una no get?

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Personally I am not fond of bots. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah some times