I wonder if there's a correlation between investment and Splinterlands rankng

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I got into the game by chance, and surprisingly through Twitter thanks to Kenneth Bosak. I can't remember how it happened right now but I remember he sent a voucher to my DM and that's what got me here.

When I started, I didn't understand how huge this game actually is and just played for the thrill of it. Then I ran into a couple of people that I can only describe as addicts constantly raving about how awesome the game is and all I could do was admire them. Like I said, back then I didn't understand how massive the game was and it was just a past time.

I didn't read the rules because fuck that and just winged it. I beat a few accounts and suddenly felt like I was special. A couple of months later, I got even more interested in this game and decided to put my money where my mouth is. I spent a few hundred dollars to build a formidable team that I reckon could get me to the Diamond leagues after some grafting.

At the time of writing, I'm still very dependent on the cards loaned to be by Penderis but I've also been able to upgrade some owned cards as well. When I started, I use to fawn at accounts that beat me with level 2 legendary cards but now, I think I have like two of those already.

I haven't really been keeping track of how much I spend on this game, and that's something I think I should start doing to ensure there's balance. Every now and then I like to throw money into the game, in the hope of improving my cards and climbing up the ladder. I think I do quite okay considering how short a time I've spent playing the game and with a bit more investment in the game, I reckon I'll go further.

I'm not much of a financial analyst but I'd love to see a correlation between the amount of money invested in cards compared to the level that players can rise to in the rankings. It will be very complicated considering how tactical battles can be, but I think if a rule is run over the prices of some top players with relation to the amount they've invested in the game, we could see an interesting pattern.

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I think you earn from playing the game right.

If you have calculated the correlation of how much you have spent inside to how much you have earned, please I will like to know.

I am quite interested 🤗

I'll look around for anybody that has done the research because it will explain some things to me

Okay bro, thanks in advance 😁🙏

My cards are worth about 10k. I don't have issues getting into champion I, but cracking the top 50 is a bitch!

Interesting. I guess tactics also play a big role at that point? Do you reckon your struggle to enter top 50 is related to the quality of your cards or that you getting beat by super needs?

My cards are worth slightly over 400 and I made it to champion 3 after overcoming plenty resistance. I get into Champion 2 easily and then have to graft my way up beyond that point.

There are very few cards I don't own, so it's all tactics. I probably play too many cards I shouldn't, but it's fun to try different combinations.

Yeah, I think small mana battles is where you need more tactics anyways. Any battle from 30 mana upwards gives you some room to experiment. Can I get a link to a few of your batles?