Believe in Hive... Invest in Hive... I just did!

in United Kingdom8 months ago

Today I decided to make a little cash investment into #hive which I also converted the full amount into #HP.


My reason for this is because I 100% believe that this #Blockchain will be a massive success and we are all here in the making of it and its going to be my future way of making savings.

I purchased £350 GBP in hive using the #Moonpay option in the keychain. This was around $420 USD and I received just shy of 2,000 #Hive for the transaction, which I was able to covert into #HP.

The whole #transaction from my bank through #Moonpay to #HP took less than 10 minutes to complete which was just an amazing speed!😃

I've now set a goal to reach #Dolphin status before the end of October. I will be aiming to achieve this with a combination of content creation on #CTP and possibly small investments along the way, ill be sure to keep an eye on the #hive market price along the way.

Here's to a fantastic future for everybody that is here or thinking on joining the #blockchain. It's going to be an exciting journey for everybody and I can wait to see what the future holds.

All thanks to the awesome #clicktrackprofit community here on 😎

Thanks for reading.. This post is for #Twitter 😁


Great @djsl82, I am also guessing that I invest some bucks in HP

Thanks :)

Very well done investing in your future on Hive @djsl82, that is a great boost to your journey here, and it is quite addicting once you get it, and congrats to going past the half way sign to Dolphin, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Wow thanks Mr awesome. you are awesome too, in-fact everyone here is awesome lol :)

This is amazing! Great move in putting some skin into the game. Hive is definitely worth the investment. :) I have no doubt you will reach Dolphin status before you know it. As a new Dolphin myself, I will be cheering for you when you do! :) Way to go in your goals & keep up your amazing work! Remember, You Are Awesome. 👍🙂💚

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*The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

That's awesome Daniel and a great testimonial for your belief in the potential of Hive.

Thank you @lisamgentile1961 Its great to see you back online. :)

You're welcome and Thank You, @djsl82! Have a great day! 😀

That is so awesome man!

Thank you for investing in your journey here! It's a tough sell to get people to power up at first, but the more they play around and see the opportunities that are here with staked becomes an addiction to grow the stake LOLOL

Welcome to the addiction ;)

Haha yes it is very addicting and when you take some time to think of the potential its mind blowing. Its also fantastic to have leaders like yourself here too, a credit to the Hive Blockchain :)

That's so great. It's awesome when you can start to showcase how this can all be used in everyday life. Congrats!

Thanks @jangle and its great to have many fantastic community members like you here too :)

That is a nice chunk of HIVE tokens, Daniel! Congrats on your investment! Now you have more motives to push even more! :)

Thanks @ph1102 I'm 100% in on this now. :)

Great Daniel I have doing investments too but
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Hi @elizabetamt your doing great job with your posts, keep growing and thank you for sharing too :)


Wow Daniel, that's awesome.

Thnaks :)

Congratulations man you are on your way to the moon. It feels good to invest on hive. Planning my next major investment on hive too.

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Thank you, its a great place to be right now and I believe it will only get better :)

Well done buying Hive and power up Daniel, and congrats to making big strides towards Dolphin, keep up your great work.

Thank you @flaxz, I decided to invest as sometimes I am away with work and cant always be online. So I decided the best way is to balance things out and do both, post when possible and buy some :)

Great strategy, I assume you are set up with Bradleys curation trail too, making your Hive Power work for you while you sleep.

No i'm not on that, Is there an instruction blog on how to setup? thanks @flaxz

Excellent, Thanks @flaxz. I will get onto this 😃👍


Great job powering up and congrats on moving much closer to your goal of being a Dolphin.

It is really wonderful to see the excitement about Hive and people getting more active in their pursuit to acquire more HP.

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It sure is exciting! Thanks :)

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