Nectar Queen have a real taste for blood!

Hey Splinterlanders!

This week's theme is to share a battle with a beautiful Earth monster NECTAR QUEEN. It's a common reward card and comes with a melee attack.

You can read more about this week's challenge on Splinterlands official post by visiting the following link.

NECTAR QUEEN is a common rarity reward edition monster that lies under the earth deck. It works best if we use it in high mana battles as it comes with 9 mana cost but it has 12 HP too. I have leveled it up to level 6 so it contains 2 abilities, flying and retaliate.

I've added the screenshot of my battle and you can also find a link to watch my battle below.


Watch the Battle

What was my Lineup?

It was a 42 mana battle with Armored Up and Up Close and Personal rulesets, I'll explain each monster used in the battle below.
So, let's move forward.

I went with Lyanna Natura Earth Summoner, it gives +1 HP to all friendly monsters. As it was melee only battle so I had only choice to go with melee monsters.

My first monster was Goblin Mech I used level 6 of it as a tank due to its Piercing and Stun ability. I have seen many battles in which it has performed very well. So I went with it and it didn't disappoint me.

In the second place, I used another common monster Screeching Vulture level 6. It has flying, Opportunity and Scavenger abilities, I usually like to use this monster in earthquake ruleset. Scavenger ability is great which keeps adding +1 health whenever a monster dies (either team).

The third position was covered with Brownie. It's another EPIC reward monster with the Swiftness and Inspire ability as it was a melee only battle so I took advantage of inspire ability.

Next, I used level 5 Elven Cutthroat, it's a neutral melee attack monster with sneak ability, so I used it to destruct my opponent's backline.

In fifth place, I placed the legendary Chain Golem, At this position, there wasn't any use of it as it wasn't able to attack but I thought in case my last monster dies, it can bear the sneak attacks of my opponents.

Lastly, I used beautiful Bee monster NECTAR QUEEN level 6. I used it in last position so it can face the sneak attacks of my opponent. I had two things in mind while placing it at last position, one was it will have a high chance of missing because of its flying ability and high speed. Secondly, I thought about retaliate ability. Well, these both things worked the same as I expected. Especially retaliate ability works amazingly.

Did your strategy work?

YES. It worked amazingly, I placed queen at the last position so it kept missing and retaliating the sneak attacks of my opponent.

Do you use NECTAR QUEEN often?

Yes, I have used this monster most of the time when I go with earth splinter and also when I have earthquake ruleset.

That's all for now. See you at Battle Field.

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