Chanseus saved the day out of five packs opened

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Hello to all the splinterlands nerd, i was exploring my splinterlands account this evening and when i got to the open section i realized i have got some 5 packs un opened and i have got a lot of potions on my account too so i decided to test my opening luck.....

A pack cost 2 dollars right? so let us calculate my profit or loss per pack...


The first pack i opened gave me one epic, one rare and three common cards, no gold and it is obvious it is a loss on my end. i lost 1 dollar on that but that is just the first pack and i still have four more to open, so i can still get lucky...


This second one was a pure loss, four common and one rare without gold, it is worth 0.40 dollars, so worse than the first pack i opened, somehow i have started having doubt if i did the right thing opening those packs but somehow i still have three more to open and i must persevere till the end..


Why is it only getting worse? that was all on my mind when the third pack i opened was valueless than the first and second so i was not interested in the openings any more, i just want to open and get done with it since it turns out i am a shit opener..


Here comes the saviour of the day, the moment i wanna click on open and realize the color was a sign of a legendary card, i was happy but that turned into excitement when it turns to an untamed legendary summoner, those monsters are always costly and behold when i checked the price it was selling at 18 dollars above! chanseus saved the day indeed!


The last pack was not any good too cos i lost 1 dollar on it but it is all good because chanseus already covered the cost of the other four packs!! i actually feel like selling the chanseus to buy more packs but unfortunately all packs are gone now and dice is more expensive, so all i can do now is wait for the next edition to be released, opening packs is actually fun if one get a good card xd...


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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The 2nd and 3rd screenshot is my usual pack opening. Lol

Gratsss on the Chanseus Burlarj!!!

Whenever I open my UT packs and hover on the cards and it starts to shake, I pray that it would be a Chanseus as that is the only Untamed card I don't own. XD Xawi did delegate me a Chanseus but I don't know when she will take it back. XD

Again, gratssss!!!! XD

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thanks jay!! i am very unlucky when it comes to packs too, this is why i don't open, was surprised this turned out well, oh well the gold foil zaku you got can buy you a max chan lol