Splinterlands battle challenge: Brighton bloom the eccentric young man that grant the power of flight

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Big thanks to the splinterlands founder for their great work put into the development of the game and their amazing curators for their dedication in making sure players have no complain whatsoever about not receiving votes on their sl post, it takes a lot of effort to make that possible...

I love the battle challenge for this week which enables player to choose a dragon summoner of their own to use and write about so therefore i chose brighten bloom... I decided to write about this particular card because of its exemption and 90% chance of winning a particular rule which is the earthquake rule that takes 2 lifes from monsters without the flying ability...


Brighton was an eccentric young man of Shimmer City, the capital of Khymeria. He was always seen as a strange character among the Khymian summoners. In the best times, his peers thought he was simply a distraction from their important studies. In the worst times, his fellow summoners doubted and belittled Brighton’s abilities. They were also put off by the way birds always landed on his hands and shoulders. After just two years studying at the Shimmer summoning school, Brighton decided to leave Khymeria. His loyalty was available to the highest bidder, and that is where the Dragons came in.

The Gloridax cared not for Brighton’s strange idiosyncrasies; what mattered to them was his skills as a summoner. Furthermore, in Gloridax eyes oneness with birds has long been considered a sign of divinity. Brighton’s attraction to birds was quickly noticed by Suam Khepri, Empress of the United Gloridax, who assigned a team of aerial sorcerers to properly train the young man. When Brighton emerged from that training, he could grant the power of flight to any monster under his summoning control.

Such an amazing story behind the great guy that has only one ability which is the flying but that ability can be very important on the battle field ...

I was paired with #endgegner in a weak magic and earthquake rule and without thinking much, i know the right summoner to use there is the bloom due to his ability to add flying to all monsters he summoned and to make the battle more interesting i used the death splinter instead of earth that i would normally use for such battles....

battle link

He came with mylor and 3 flying monsters and looking at his set up, i know anyone between us have the chance to win it especially if the other suffer multiple misses but i was fortunate my monster didn't miss due to them also having flying ability..



The kind of set up i did made it important for me to use slimeball as my first card because i planned to weaken the lifes of the opponent monsters and once slimeball got killed , its redemption ability will help in taking down the opponent monsters at the back....


The lord of darkness is one of my favorite card due to its enrage and retaliate ability, i just keep hoping the enemy won't come with magic monsters as that is its weakness and fortunately he didn't use any magic, with the help of its shield ability, it can withstand many attacks from the melee and range attacks..


I needed the mage for its rust and affliction ability knowing the opponent may come with a monster having the protect ability, and the affliction will also help to stop the opponent tank from healing incase it has healing ability or he used a heal tank, the mage did well with its rust ability as it gives chance for my other monsters to hit their attack faster and hence give me victory in the game but then the mage didn't last long either as the opponent came with a sniper and it was the first monster that was attacked!


The assasssin is well known in death splinter for its speed and poison ability, i used it often in battles due to its poison and it did great in this battle, it may have been a different story if it misses hitting the opponent spirit of the forest, but it first attacked poisoned the spirit which gives me higher chance of winning the battle...


The undead priest is used to weaken the opponent monsters and also slow them down so i can attack first, it performed well in the battle too and it help in taking down the cocatrice the opponent use as we all know how hard it is for melee monsters to touch the coca..


The chicken was my last card and i just use it to fill in the space left for monsters but it actually did some great job by helping to distract opponent vulture to attack it first before hitting my fighting monsters..


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Did you just credit me (you talked about curators) at the beginning? ;)

Well done... Brighton Bloom seems nice.

you deserve the credit my man, kudos to you and your fellow curators, you made writing a thing of interest for us players because you never miss our post during curation, that takes lot of dedication...