The most gifted in summoners' green

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Hello famz, it has been long i made a splinterlands post and it is due to me being lazy and lack of inspiration to post but here i am again as i want to be making 2 post weekly on splinterlands, the more reason i didn't participate in the last two battle challenge was because of the monsters picked, i hardly use the saber shark in battles so hence the post is impossible, i hope this week battle challenge will be spirit of the forest or zaku or better stilll mylor cos i have so many things to write about that card which i will be doing a little now....

Big thanks to the splinterlands founder and their amazing curators for their amazing support, it helped us players a great deal as it increase what we earn from just playing the game! splinterlands is the best blockchain game to me!!


The daredevil roaming the splinterlands world causing havoc to all monsters that cross his path with his army of beast, it is bestowed with only one ability but this ability is worth 4 abilities joined together....


The thorn abilities is a big disadvantage to the melee monsters and it is almost a 99% win when you use mylor and your opponent comes with melee attacks, i have study it to an extent that in only melee can be used rules, it is only the death splinter that have the big chance of defeating melee and that is due to the minus one melee that it will cause to the earth splinter, zaku also is capable of defeating it in high mana battles when the big melee monsters with long life can be used as it gives them more chance to fight back...

I had a battle with it last night and would have to share it...

The rule of the battle stated;

  • Unprotected; Monsters do not have any armor and do not get armor from abilities or summoner buffs.
  • Up close and personal: Onmy monsters with melee attack can be used in battles.

My opponent was smk2000 and the mana was 17 [low mana] and no death splinter was available which left me with my favorite splinter which is earth and mylor!




The stone golem was my first card and i use it cos of its shield and stun ability as it will take extra effort from my opponent to take it down, i wanted to use cocatrice but i realize even tho the opponent will have lesser chance to hit it but once it hit the other opponent with thorns, it will die easily...


The parasitic growth has scavenger ability which gives it more life has monsters from either his team or the opponent dies, this monster help me to win the battle cos it was his attack that took down the hydra that my opponent use and if he had miss that chance, i would have lost the match with no remedy..


The screeching vulture was the third monster i use and also the second monster with scavenger ability, i believe only the scavengers can help me win this battle with ease and they prooved me right cos without them, it would have been a different story...


The brownie has two amazing abilities which are inspire and swiftness, the inspire increase the melee attack of the friendly monsters in the team and the swiftness increase their speed which gives them higher chance of attacking first...


I used the ooze to reduce the speed of my opponent, higher chance to attack and cause damage first....All the monsters i used serve their purpose and i was victorious!


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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lazy writer......send me this card burl let me practice what you wrote so can testify too.

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Yeah most gifted in the greens indeed. I love it, but it is too costly. Thanks for sharing. @xabi

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I rented him the other day, and i have to say i really love that thorns ability on all cards, i think it probably really annoys those melee heavy opponents!