New Strain Of Coronavirus 'Beware Of Second Lockdown'

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Coronavirus is not yet over, the new coronavirus strain has been found in many countries across the world such as united Kingdom and South Africa. Curfew are also going on in some countries because of this new strain, why Some countries are deliberating on another lockdown after the first one.

After 5-8 months of lockdown in year 2020, the number of infected people keep increasing, the number of deaths also increasing everyday in year 2021. We are also scared of second wave of this pandemic because of what we experienced in the first lockdown down.

The research posited that the new strain mutated frequently, very contagious and infectious than the former one. It also has the symptoms of itchy eyes, photophobia and sore eyes. Photophobia- sensitivity to light which is also accompany with headaches. Victims of the new Strain experience pain in the eyes, mostly when he/she looks toward the direction of light.

Since the virus keeps mutating and various variants are being discovered. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the world should strictly adhere to Covid-19 rules such as using of nose mask, 5 metres distance, avoiding handshake, etc.

Though, vaccine has been discovered and is available; but not everyone can afford it. The vaccine Is only available for 2% of people in my country. Even though is available for everyone, 80% of people are not ready to use it because of our mentality, superstition and believe.

Am even talking of vaccine while some people in my country did not believe there is 'covid19 in my country'. I asked several people questions about covid-19; most of them said, "we believed the existence of the virus in some countries in the world; but here, is a means for people in power and position to siphon or loot government funds."

In conclusion, make sure to do whatever it takes to avoid being infected in your working place, when you are going out for shopping and when you have important things to do outside. Use different social media platforms to disseminate information about covid-19. Health is wealth; stay healthy.

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