The ghastly flesh golem of Anumun

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One of my favorite card is the Flesh Golem because it is attached to my favorite splinter Earth. Talk about hulk in a cute version and healing ability, while busy hitting the enemy, he keeps healing his wounds after each round. His life span is long but when he meets a brutal force or used in an unfavorable battle, his life span depreciate quickly.

Flesh Golem

Rarity: COMMON
Element: EARTH
ABILITIES: Healing at level 3; Void at level 7

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Rule Set: Super Sneak: All melee attack monster have the sneak ability.
Earthquake: Non-flying monsters take 2 melee damage attack at the end of each round.

Mana Cap: 30

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Team Assemble

Camila Sungazer

I went with the legendary summoner Camila sungazer due to her maxed nature on my team and her -1 melee attack for my opponents team. With her as my summoner, they are one melee attack down

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Nectar Queen

I made Nectar Queen my tank because it's a melee battle with earthquake rule, and as a melee queen she is with flying ability plus additional ones like:

  • Able to evade melee and range attacks from monsters that does not have the same flying ability with her. This is a case of catch me if you can.
  • My Queen has a chance of hitting back her melee attacker due to her retaliate ability.
  • At the max level 10 which I have her, she has a poison ability that she drops on her melee attackers.
    With all this abilities, I knew she was the tank I need.

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Flesh Golem

Next is the man of the hour honorable Flesh Golem. I purposely placed this giant here because I needed a backup should in case my tank meet with untimely death. I need another replacement with longer lifespan and a good hitter/attacker. That would also help me hit my enemies while doing the work of me that sent him. He did not disappoint me though in this battle and if I must say, this is the best spot I have ever used sir Flesh. He had the back of my team by putting in the work. Thanks splinterlands for its:

  • Restoration power after each round
  • Void ability should the opponent uses a magic monster.

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Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph is a tank healer, she restores and heal the monster used in the first position in a battle. With her healing ability, she helps expand the life span of the tank and also uses her strengthen ability to increase the health of my team.

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Brownie aka Burl

In the Neoxian city server, this card is known as burl, he was renamed by xawi and used to be her favorite. I love using brownie in melee battle because with its swift ability, it will help my monsters be more fast in there attack because **Brownie** adds more speed to my monsters. Its inspired ability also allows him to help my team with additional +1 melee attack. This gives me an advantage over my opponent.

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Spirit of the Forest

I knew nectar queen won't be enough to withstand the earthquake rule in my team which is why I added the spirit. She brought additional healing power to my tank, her powerful range ability to handle my opponents backline, extra +2 armor to guard my team against the enemies. All this in support with other abilities I had on my team.

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Reasons for my selection

I chose this heavy line up due to the fact that it is a melee attack battle with an earthquake in the mix. So I went with Monsters with flying ability and also ones with long life span and strong abilities. Asides the Brownie and wood, other monsters have high life span. The combination of my monsters ability was a force to reckon with. This line up brought me success and will use it again in the same rule and high mana cap.

battle link

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Nicely done Battle Challenge with the Fleshy. 😉



Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Golem power is so amazing, that card is very useful in that combination of rules, self-healing with a healer the best match.