Daily Splinterlands Report #346 | Quick giveaway inside!

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Hello Splinter warriors!!

Welcome to my Daily Splinterlands report #346!

In here, I talk about Splinterlands, mainly my daily quests and loot chests, tournaments and exciting decks and gameplays.

Today, I did a picnic with my friends this evening and cooked and enjoyed chicken rice together. just reach back home, completed my quest and writing my daily blog now ;)

  • Talking about the daily stat, I am currently at Diamond 1 and holding 3736 trophies.

  • Dec bar is at 87%, played a few matches right now, and will leave to it to recharge now.

  • Only 4 days left for the season to end. So today lets get lazy XD

Daily Quest rewards:




Neoxian guild status:

As a sad fact, We are currently down to the sixth position, and we are a max level guild. We have already started collecting DEC for the upcoming Land update.

No quest remains we have reached the last quest level - 10. We are getting +20% DEC for every ranked match win and +10% dec shop bonus currently.

We have to upgrade our quest guild again next season so that we can move to this last tier.

Giveaway Corner:

I will give a random card to the first right answer to my question below. Answer in the comment section of this post.

Tell me the death cards that have the Magic Reflect ability?

Please comment down below.

Remember, only the first comment holder will get the prize.

Upvote, follow or reblog is not necessary but highly appreciated as it will help more players with their decks.

Last time, @cornavirus has given the first right answer. So he is today's winner!

I have sent you a WARRIOR OF PEACE!

Also, sent Lil gifts to @gregory-f and thank you for the awesome support!

Alright guys! See you in my next post!!!

Until then, keep fighting!




Haunted Spirit, Owster Rotwell, Dark Ha'on,