Battle of the titans - Splinterlands daily diary, day 7, season May 15 to 30

The brawls are on and it is after a long time I have entered a slot. I have still not entered battles and for some strange reason, players are unwilling to enter their teams quite early and wait for the final hours to do so which makes it quite unnerving for people like me who do everything even before time, sometimes.

Well, today's quest was a dragon one and today seems to be the easiest by far and I have entered Diamond three quite early this season. I have also got 200 dec as a tournament payout. More dec means more cards.

I do hope I can get some crypto profits to get hold of beta summoners unless splinterlands decides to devote a separate game section for non-beta players, especially the new players who are getting on to the field, nowadays.

That would be cool too and with the arrival of the new edition of cards, those who do not hold beta can maybe get a chance to hop on to the champion league, after all.

Today's sample battle


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If you are a splinterlands player and do not know what guild is about, check out the tabs in-game and click the guild section and search for free guilds that allow players to partake in the bonus without having to play any fee. There are many team guilds that allow players to display their performance and if they do, they are given the chance to enter top-rated guilds and also participate in the new Brawls which is Guild wars.

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