Make use of the opportunity to buy cards and level up - Splinterlands tips for newbies

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Steem is rising, pumping up.

The excitement of getting an equal amount of HIVE has made people jump into the excitement wagon and start piling up steem which naturally pumped up steem like never before.

Buy those cards


Make use of the high steem price to buy those cards you had eyed all this while.

Level your splinters and summoners and start playing.

If you are reading, it means you like the splinterlands game just like me and are a newbie in all probability.

So, login to - go to shop to buy low priced packs, use the packs tab to buy pack so as to get an airdrop chance or just buy cards and level up. The choice is yours.


Do it before the prices start to vary and make a clean deal.

Do you love Splinterlands and the way the game special effects entrances you?

source- @yonilkar

I do too and before all those new players start coming over and buy up all the cards, be quick and enjoy the experience.

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