Tokenized my hand drawing of Splinterlands character "PeaceBringer"

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Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive World,
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Today I added another hand drawing of #splinterlands monster to my #nftshowroom gallery and listed for sale.
It was for weekly art contest and I won some position with it as well.

Hand Drawing of PeaceBringer

Check Drawing steps Post Blog here
Price : 25 SWAP.HIVE ($9.249)
Edition : 1
Rights : Limited reproduction rights
Buy it here


About PeaceBringer
  • RARE Life Monster
  • Range Attack with No ability
  • Level 1 Card Price on Market : $0.19
  • Level 8 Card Price on Market : $9.49 (115 bcx, per bcx $0.083)


Here is my Splinterlands ref link and check FAQ to know more about the game


Hope You like it,
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