Furious chicken- Beaware it is splinterlands chicken :P XD

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Heya warrior's

Oh yes, this week splinterlands challenge is Furious chicken :P XD. When the furious chicken came into existence I was like what would be its use. 0 mana card seemed too much useless but now Furious chicken is the most used card in my battles. I have stopped playing no neutral quests. If you have free space and you don't use chicken to fill that gap up, feels really awkward. This is the reason when I see I have a no neutral quest I immediately change my quest. I can play 2 extra battles for my quest but I can't stop myself using chicken in my battles. p

MY Battle 🏆


xawi Vs xcore

My Line-up

Furious Chicken

I used the Furious Chicken theme of this wonderful week in the first place. I was given weak magic and keep your distance rules. My Furious chicken is not very furious as it is just level 1. I have seen it rage. At max level, this 0 mana chicken gives you 2 melee attack along with Enrage ability. But I like it without any ability. It is very useful when you want to waste a few attacks on your opponent.

gif sp.gif

Lord Arianthus

I used Lord Arianthus in the second position. I used chicken just to waste one or two attacks so after chicken I needed a strong defence and nothing could be better than Lord Arianthus when it comes to defence. It minimizes range attack because of its shield ability and also it is best against magic attack.

gif sp.gif

Tower Griffin

I used Tower Griffin in third place. I wanted to give some armour protection to my all monsters.

gif sp.gif

Goblin Shaman

I used the Goblin Shaman in fourth place. It decreases the life and speed of all the monsters of your opponent. This is why I used it in my battle.

gif sp.gif


I used Grenadier in 5th place. Grenadier is a slow monster but it is best in the keep your distance rule. There is a high probability your opponent would come up with Lord Arianthus or any other monster which has no attack. So in this case Grenadier plays a dirty game. It kills no attack monster because of its oppress ability ;) I love using it in low mana cap games and in the keep your distance rule.

Spark Pixies
I used the spark Pixies in the last position. Spark Pixies do wonder with Yodin Zaku so whenever I go with Yodin Zaku I try to use Spark Pixies. Because Spark Pixies are a very high-speed monster. It attacks first and gives stun to your opponent :P which can be great. I just lost one battle because my Spark Pixies didn't stun my opponents monster but my opponent's Spark Pixies stunned my defender and I lost. Single stun turned the result in the favour of my opponent.



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