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When I was a child I remember I read a story of Hen which wasn't an ordinary hen. That hen lays an egg every day and those eggs were golden eggs. When I read that story I wished for that hen. When I grew up I realised it only happens in stories it has nothing to do with real-life :P You guys must have been wondering why I am sharing this story. I wanted to let all of you know that my wish came true :P I didn't get a chicken that lays golden eggs rather a golden chicken:P XD.

Yesterday when I logged in to my alt account everythingsmgirl in order to complete my daily quest. What I see I have a 40k Dec balance. First I assumed it is only 40 dec and not 40k but then I checked on balance history. Where I got to know I have sold something of 38k decs worth. Now I was damn surprised because I usually use my main account to sell my extra card and I wanted to know which card I sold from this account. I went peak monster explorer and what I saw :o Let me show.


I sold my Golden chicken for 35$. Now this golden chicken made me regret my past mistakes. I have burnt a lot of rare, and epic golds. And it also reminded me of the moral of the story of the golden egg.

We should learn to remain satisfied with what we get but it's in a human nature that we want to get everything at once hence we end up losing all

I remember when I got my first gold chicken. I placed it on the market at 10$ and after a few weeks, I pulled it off the market because no one wanted to buy my chicken at that price :P XD. Everything happens for a reason and the example is right there ;) I am super glad I still have gold chickens and I am confused If I should place them on the market or hold them. Splinterlands market cap is setting up the highest ever trends and I am glad I am a part of this game. I saw someone bought regular foil, Prince Julian, for 1k $ and Arius for 1700$ that's insane. It made me curious and I checked my account stats. I am an owner of 17k$ worth of splinterlands assets. And it is just my one account :P XD I can buy a decent house in my country with this money. I never imagine that one game can buy me a house :P XD


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Awww good for you!! I sold my gold chicken at around $10 too a week or two ago and it was immediately sold.

@xawi What a Great Post on The Value of a GOLDEN CHICKEN and Yes Splinterlands Can Buy People a House and MORE............ You have not Seen Anything Yet Steemmonsters Fans !!!

A great game. I know some people their living depends on splinterlands. That is something really commendable