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The moment you are in your deep thoughts and suddenly you realize you haven't submitted a post for social media challenge yet. It's not that I haven't been writing posts about splinterlands. yes, I've been writing but I didn't feel like sharing those posts for social media challenge. When I try to write for this challenge I usually try to highlight reward, Untamed and dice cards. Those cards which I do feel like are amazingly amazing.

I equally realised that I haven't been curating for splinterlands for the past couple of weeks due to hectic routine. Yes, when I get time I try to play splinterlands. I am ignoring things and I am really disappointed with myself. Today i decided after this post I will be doing my job and this weekend is for splinterlands. I will complete my challenge posts. I will curate the next 2 days and will play all the tournaments.

Anyways, let's get back to the main topic. Any guesses which card I have selected? Well, this week I am going to write about Kelp Initiate. Yes, Kelp Initiate 2 mana rare reward card. Very useful and too awesome. My Kelp Initiate is just Level 5 and I am trying my level best to get it to max level. But I am being a little stingy and waiting for a little price drop. yes, when I like something and try to max that card then the prices would be an all-time high. But later when I see the same cards so cheap I feel bad.

Do you know what is an awesome feeling? when you are thinking to write about your one of the favourite cards and you get the same card in gold foil from your quest rewards. Yes, I was doing my quest and when I claimed my quest loots I got Gold foil Kelp Initiate.


Kelp Initiate

Name: Kelp Initiate
Edition: Reward
Rarity: Rare
element: water
Currently, trading at0.05$/BCX

This weird snake looking monster seems horrid but it is great on the battlefield. Especially in low mana cap games. I've been defeated by this card many times. Yet I didn't upgrade this card. Actually, there are so many awesome new reward cards that I want all of them. This is why I am being too lazy about what to choose and what to leave.
Its Lore is also a pretty interesting read. There is the wall of the abyss where one hidden cave is holding the dark water of the Azmare. That cave is filled with hot air and cracky shimmering rocks. There is a magical light which radiates through the dark. Somewhere in this dark cave kelps are growing and due to this magical light, they get a life. After getting the life they formed into Kelp initiate. Soon they found a way to get out from that dark cave. Instead of being evil, they decided to become healers and guiders. That's how they came into existence. The way this monster heals and cleanse its fellow monster is quite annoying for that player who doesn't have this card :P XD

When, where you can use this card.

Ok, you can use this card in low mana caps games. Someone used kelp against me in the 12 mana game. I tried hard to find that battle but I couldn't. When i get 12 mana game I either go with earth splinter or death. I remember earth splinter wasn't active so i went with death deck. I used my 12 mana line-up which I shared on my blog couple of weeks ago. My win ratio was 90% with that line-up. But when My opponents came up with water splinter he used Naga warrior in the first position. Kelp initiate in the second position and Crustacean King in the third position. I used low speed, affliction and weaken ability monsters. What happened then? I lost because kelp initiate was kept healing and cleansing the Naga warrior.



It comes up with two abilities Cleanse, Triage. Triage is one of the best abilities. When you get 2 important abilities from just 2 mana card then that card should be in your collection.

I hope you did enjoy my analysis on Kelp Initiate. I enjoyed it while writing about it. I will see y'all in next post see ya.


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First, don't you worry!
Schedules can get hectic, trust me, I know. 🤪

You are so lucky!
I feel like just you THINKING about a card gave you the powers to make it appear... and gold?!

Kelpy- LOOK AT HIS HANDS!!! Weird is an understatement. It's like he did too many curls so his forearms are ripped... and those hands.... Super weird... Kinda what I love about this game. I mean, there are other things. 🤣

I'm the same! 😭 I want them all which stops me from deciding which ones to start with! You're totally right though, these new abilities are so good.


Great post about the a card I haven't upgraded yet but will probably do so now. Your post went under my radar first, because it hadn't a significant thumbnail and looked like the usual reward posts. I was wrong.