My Third most expensive purchase of splinterlands history

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A couple of weeks ago when I desperately wanted Scarred Llama mage in my deck, my friends made fun of me. They said I supposed to get Scarred Llama Mage as Bride Price. :P XD

Well, i don't know what is the Bride price and there is no such thing where I live :P. Men are quite chill in here they get bride along with quite expensive gifts :P LOLz look at what topic I am discussing on my splinterlands post 🤦‍♀️.

Anyways I rented max Scarred LLama mage for my main deck and I planned out before the expiration of my Rental contract I will be able to purchase my own. It seems it is going to take long because the prices of Scarred LLama Mage touching the sky. I don't feel like buying it that expensive. For this summoner, I've been collecting decs and I almost had 250k decs. But again I ended up buying something else :P

Do you want to know what is it? Nothing is surprising it is Scarred Llama mage but the only difference it is gold foil :P XD. Since the day I am playing Guild brawls with my gold foil account Zawarrior I am buying cards up down right left. The first brawl made me purchase two Epics and the second brawl made me purchase Gold foil legendary. God knows what will happen in the third brawl :P

Presenting the third most expensive purchase of my splinterlands history.

The first two are Prince Renynn and Selenia sky.



I spent 173k decs and I got 5k decs cashback. Before purchasing it on the market I went to splinterlands official server and dropped a message in the Gold mine channel that I am looking for a gold foil Scarred LLama Mage. But no one replied to me it seems people don't have this summoner. I didn't waste my time, went ahead hit the purchase button.

What thing made me buy this summoner

Well, I have been looking for this summoner for the past couple of days. I wasn't just taking any action, But the second brawl made it easy for me. Things were clear if I want to play gold foil fray I will have to work on my Gold foil deck. Slowly and steadily I will be buying all the Gold foil legendaries. Now, this is my new passion lolz I am just mad, officially mad.

The Moment I decided to purchase this summoner


I got a rule where I really wished I have had Scarred LLama Mage. When I saw my opponent is Jacekw I was like wth :P XD. I was 100% sure he will be using Scarred LLama Mage. I suffered but why the suffering? I asked my self a question. Whatever I earn online why am I even earning? If I have to suffer at the end of the day. I don't know why but I am feeling so satisfied After purchasing this card. I had an earth quest on Zawarrior and I completed it without losing a single battle.


Now 13 mana ruleset is no more a problem if your earth splinter is active. Just go with Scarred llama Mage along with flesh golem. I won two battles in Tournament as well. It seems this summoner already started returning me whatever I spent on this. My best ever purchase after Selenia sky and Prince Renynn.


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Rich Khan... 155$

That's alot right :P

Yes 😉