Releasing the Inner Nerd Gamer - My Splinterlands Addiction

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Hello Splinterpeeps!

There's a new nerd in town!

And it turned into addiction so please send help! lol

Decided to give @splinterlands a try a few days ago and watch cards fighting each other is kind of mesmerizing now lol

This got serious when @hivetrending decided to lease some cool cards and all of a sudden I was getting up on the leagues!

Plus I bought some Untamed packs and a few minutes ago DICE packs!

Recording 15 1.gif

My collection is getting some kind of form!


At the moment I'm on Gold and struggling to get Diamond!

Not sure if I will get there since it's less than 2 days to end the season!

For those, you wanna try the game -

And @achim03 Spliterlands Academy -

Anyway, enjoy the random vlog! Forgive me if I fail the correct terms lol

Happy Friday!


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I am glad gamers have a place like Hive.

Feels good to be welcomed in a place with common interests :)

Welcome to the battlefield....
Game is addicted...
I start playing a year ago and I dont remember a single day when I have not played the game....

Thank you!

That's great an acomplishment for your first season. Congrats! Welcome to the Splinterland addicted community :-)

hehe thank you Achim for your tutorials!!

Awesome, Sis! Glad you are enjoying the game. It is a lot of fun. I enjoy it as well lol.
Good luck with it! :)

It's good to take a break from things any now and then :)
Thank you, Sis! See you on the battlefield ahaha

Good luck on your game, and addiction.

Thank you :)

I wouldnt know how to start and i am not good in
But congrac Eliana

lol this one is a bit complex to be honest...I can't believe that I can understand a bit of it lol
Thank you!

Glad you’re enjoying it!

Thank you for the boost!!

Games are very addicting, and can be dangerous for a self employed person.
You need to control the game, and not let the game control you.
If you find you are not able to do that then it is better to quit cold turkey.
Congrats on being featured by @russellstockley

Hehe yeah I know, I've been playing games all my life!
If I need to stop I'll stop!
At least I hope :p
Thank you!

You are playing Splinterlands?!?! 😱 😱 😱

Congratulations on your addiction! 🤣

OMG can you imagine??!! 😱
Feels good to understand a bit of the card game nerds now 🤣
Thank you...I guess!

You are aware that it can cause a big problems in all parts of your life... be cautious... lol

Welcome to Splinterlands. Here is a monster upvote to help with your new addiction. 😉

Yay!! Thank you so much :)

Hey Eliana, did you know that the word for "NERD" in Japanese is "OTAKU"?? I don't know why, but I think you ought to know!! :)

P. S. I'm Hiroshima's #1 chess "otaku"!

Yeah I know the word very well...I'm an anime Otaku lol though it's been a while last I watched anime..guess I now have a great collection of missed One Piece episodes to do a marathon one day ahaha
Arigato Hurley-Sensei!

The addiction is real....

And I completely blame everyone in the CTP Discord for making us fall in love with this game....

Have fun gaming! I don't play and it doesn't sound like my kind of game.

Looks like no one has come here to rescue you from Splinterlands addiction. Everyone said congratulations. lol...

Its a fun game when i play it I am more addicted to other online games like world of warcraft lol

I miss playing WoW! But my account was hacked and lost it lol
Then I changed to Guild Wars, no monthly fees! lol
Thank you :)

Guild wars is a fun game also :)

Welcome to Splinterlands! ~@clove71

Thank you so much :)

Hi, my name is Chris and I'm a Splinterlands addict.

I love your 3speak video and welcome to Splinterlands! Make sure to join the Splinterlands 3Speak community! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands!

Hi Chris! Thank you so much for the upvote and gifts!
I did join the Splinterlands community so is there also a 3speak version? Can't find it on the Communities section on PeakD
I will try again next time :)
Thanks again!

Hi there! It's on 3-Speak and when you upload your next Splinterlands video make sure to type in Splinterlands for the 5th line under the title that says community. Then I will see it in the Splinterlands community on 3Speak. Have a great season-ending, it's crazy out there, LOL! I have a contest too right now for anyone making a 3-speak video on 3-speak, enter it and win prizes!

Welcome to Splinterlands!! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands for you! Have a great season ending! Only 1 day left in the season!

Thank you! My first complete season! And it was great!

Thanks for a great video @elianaicgomes, and congrats to doing so well in Splinterlands, and as a true addict you said "I need help here is my referral link", so congrats to the addiction too lol, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thank you Mister Awesome :)

So, now you have competing addictions. Is the Splinterlands addiction going to feed the Fireshopping? LOL! Have fun!

Well I'm getting another source of crypto so might use it for Fireshopping in the future ahaha

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Alas, that's one game I've been meaning to try but haven't 😂🤣 my account has been idle and I have yet to act on it. Just growing my low maintenance games first at the moment 😉👍🏼

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