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This time I am posting an edit of a photo. Since it was my only photo for today, and since it was a bit grainy anyway, I decided to make it into a style of a painting! I used Gimp to do most of the edits, although I had already made some essential pre-edits in Darktable before loading the two resulting photos into Gimp for more processing.

This picture is a small version at 1666Γ—2500 resolution, but I'll post a 5331Γ—8000 version on Lensy later.

Anyway, it was kind of interesting to make this, and I thought that I might make more of its kind in the future.

At least it keeps me busy when I get stuck with no ideas for new photos. Gotta think positive, right?

See ya again tomorrow!

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This looking some kind of interesting image and art! If you reduce the pixels of the picture it turn into a art category, well experiment on this.

Nice save of a grainy photo. If it doesn't come out like you like, make it something else. πŸ˜ƒ

This looks good especially when I took off my glasses!! LoL!