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I shot a photo of Miro playing a new Minecraft Earth game on his phone. It's a bit like Pokemon Go, but a Minecraft instead.

Oh, and then to other things...

I rewrote the number guessing game I taught Miro on Bash in to a Python version:

import random

# Satunnaislukupeli

satLuku = random.randrange(100)

arvLuku = input("MitΓ€ lukua (1-100) ajattelen? ")

while int(arvLuku) != satLuku:
    if (int(arvLuku)) < satLuku:
        arvLuku = input("Liian pieni luku! Arvaa uudestaan: ")
        arvLuku = input("Liian suuri luku! Arvaa uudestaan: ")

print("Arvasit aivan oikein!!! ")

I added the "arvaa uudestaan"/"guess again" just that it's a bit more interactive, otherwise it's basically exactly the same program.

I wonder if I can use a for-loop to recreate the game.

I already decided my next game will be a Stone-Paper-Scissors -game. I'm not doing anything graphical before I learn to create these things as algorithms on paper first. Flow charts have always been my downfall, and I want to get them right. Programming can be difficult if I can't first clearly construe what I want the program to do.

...and then teach the boys howto do it as well.

Yep, but that's it for today...

See ya!

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Yeah, miner craft game also playing my two nephews and one is alwalys stacking with it and other is pubG! Programming is always complexity for me and i lose my mind! But you carry on for this game better enhance.