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Today Vera and I were throwing out some old comics. There were quite many of them actually.

The complete Naruto manga.

There's also some Ranmaยฝ, and the Grimms' Manga is a 2 book set. I think some of these we are going to sell.

Maya the Bee, Donald Duck and Jurassic Park comics. Below them there are some Dog magazines and some other old comics.

These are probably going to the paper recycling.

More Manga

I wonder if we can find buyers for them.

Donald Duck

The Disney's Donald Duck magazines and pocket books are very popular in Finland. We've got quite a many of them. These ones are going into the basement, and we are keeping some of the mags. (Mainly those that have strips drawn by Don Rosa and Carl Barks.) I am going to order some folders for them soon.

Sorry about not posting any amazing photos this time. Just documenting our home chores today.

More photos tomorrow!

See ya!

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Wow, so many comics you have! All the popular characters are make joyfull of your childhood!

Your post has been boosted with Ecency Points. Keep up the good work!
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