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I just found this in my desk drawer.

This one is an original first generation RaspberryPi. It used to have a RetroPi installed on an sdcard, but I don't remember where the card went.

I'm wondering if I should make something out of it. My previous project with the RaspberryPi 4 is still running with the Minetest game server, but the boys rarely use it. And I think I've got a RPi3 somewhere too. Maybe I should consider making 3 processor computer out of them, or something completely different.

Is there a way to turn them into a RAID server? Hive node?

I just have no idea.

I really need to go now and create some birthday invitations for Miro's friends. His birthday is on next Monday, but we decided to have the parties on the next weekend.

Yeah, I'll excuse myself for now.

See ya!

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Raspberry pie is very popular for its shape and size along with performance, could you suggest me for mining with rpi3, which crypto is more easier.

I have no idea if it's suitable for crypto mining. At the very least, it might need some extra hardware for that.


I have a Pi 3 I think. Haven't done a lot with it. We have one at work that I use to monitor some UPSes and send shutdown commands if needed.
Setting several up to work together might be fun but I haven't looked at how, or if.

Never used RaspBerryPi before. So have no idea how it can be converted to a node or whatever, but I doubt the processing power of this, enough for that task!


Attach to an antenna and use as a flight radar thingy, it's quite fascinating.