Zaku + Sniper Strategy || Deadliest combo in Splinterlands 😎😍😎

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Namaste Splinterland Warriors!!!

I hope all of you are happy and enjoying Splinterlands!

Friends! I have already posted a detailed blog about Zaku and his powerful potential on the battlefield in one of my previous posts. But this time, I decided to write about the combination of Zaku + Snipers which is still the talk of the town.

If you are aware of Splinterlands, I can give a 100% guarantee that all of you are well known with this new furious untamed summoner Yodin Zaku. This 7 mana Legendary Fire Summoner have unmatched raw power that can defeat almost any opponent if used in the right way and I think most of you have killed or got killed by Zaku many times, especially after reaching Champion I tier.

Though I don't own a Zau myself, luckily my alt account @red-dog has it at max level. I am already starting to save some money for buying this beast and make max level. I personally think it is a must-have card in the collection if you wish to fight in the top 100.

Why Zaku is so on the hype!

Because of that blast ability of course and that makes it almost impossible to lose with other summoners. At 7 mana cost, it offers +1 health, +1 range power and blast ability to all friendly monsters.

But, the true power of Zaku can only be achieved when you are using multiple Snipers along with him.

Zaku + Snipers Combo!

First of all, for those who are new to this game and are not used to with the vast number of abilities that you get in this game...



We are not talking about Mark Wahlberg's Shooter here guys. Sniper is an ability in splinterlands that allow monsters to attack the backline of the enemy. The monsters with Sniper ability will attack the first non-melee monster that is not at the frontline.

Example 1:

Suppose your enemy is using The Kraken at the front followed by Prismatic Energy and 4-5 other magic+archer in the back. If you use sniper monster, it will avoid the Kraken and directly hit to the Prismatic Energy.

Example 2:

Let's imagine your opponent is using Spineback Turtle at front and Mantoid and the reach position followed by Crustacean King and pirate archer and other 2 small mana ranger ones. If you use a Sniper monster, it will avoid both Spineback Turtle (Front position) and Mantoid (sniper avoid melee monsters) and will directly go for the Crustacean King, which would be the prior defence of the enemy.

Now moving back to our Zaku + Sniper combo, first of all, let us get familiar whar snipers will be available for you when you are using the furious summoner.



Fire beetle is the first Sniper monster that comes into mind when I am sorting with fire only. At 3 mana cost, this monster offers 3 sniper range attack at 3 speed,2 armour and 6 health. It possesses sniper ability as below.

  • Sniper - Will attack the first monster with no attack, range or magic power that is not in the first position.



FEREXIA GENERAL is a new edition untamed fire card that holds the Sniper ability. I haven't seen this card to be used much but I have seen it's potential first hand in ranked matches. I have a level 6 FEREXIA GENERAL at it has 4 range attack at 3 speed and 5 health. It also possesses 3 abilities as stated below.

  • Sniper - Will attack the first monster with no attack, range or magic power that is not in the first position.

  • Inspire - Will give all friendly melee monsters with +1 melee power.

  • Shatter - When attack, will destroy the monster's armour completely.



Taking our boat towards the nutral zone as we will find another 2 snipers. Centaur is the well-known Sniper from Nutral splinter and this super quick monster can be also used with other splinters like water, death etc. I have a level 10 Centaur and it has 3 range attack at 6 speed and 6 health. It also possesses the sniper ability.



Mantoid is another awesome Sniper from Nutral splinter and it is an untamed edition powerful monster. I have a level 10 Mantoid and it has 4 range attack at 5 speed and 7 health. It also possesses 2 abilities as stated below.

  • Sniper - Will attack the first monster with no attack, range or magic power that is not in the first position.
  • Snare - When attacking flying monsters, removes the flying ability and cannot miss.

And that's it guys, as far I know we have only these 4 cards when building a Fire deck. We also have Pyromaniac which is a sneak archer and does a good job usually with Zaku, but it's not a Sniper so I am opting him out. Am I forgetting any sniper? Enlight me :)

Ok, so we got familiarised with the cards we need so now let's take a dive in ranked matches and see what we can do ;)

I will share 2 battles today in where I will be using Zaku + Snipers and I hope that may help you build new strategies.

Match 1.



  • Mana count This match holds a low-level 20 mana cap.

  • Summoners This battle supports Fire, Life, Death and dragon summoners.

  • Ruleset So, It was a Healed out ( Monsters cant heal or can't be healed) + Close Range ( Range monsters can attack from front position). It's a low mana match but I went for Zaku summoner deck with beetle and Centaur.

At this much mana cap, generally, I often consider using 3 mana summoners, but this time I wanted to go differently. Zaku costs 7 mana, I will be left with 13 mana, which won't allow me to choose all the favourite monsters I want, so I chose a group of small monsters this time. Please notice that I have chosen 2 Snipers here, Beetle and Centaur and with the help of blast, they killed down the enemy monsters within a blink.

Match 2.



  • Mana count This match holds a mid-level 34 mana cap.

  • Summoners This battle supports Fire, Earth and Life summoners.

  • Ruleset So, It was an Earthquake (non-flying Monsters will get damage each round) + Heavy Hitters ( All monster will get knock out ability). It's a mid mana match and I went for Zaku summoner deck with all the 4 snipers!

At this much mana cap, without a second thought, I went for Zaku. As Zaku costs 7 mana, so I will be left with 27 mana, which will allow enough for me to choose all the sniper monsters I want. I chose a group of 4 archers monsters this time. Please notice that I have chosen all of them Snipers here, Beetle, Ferexia General, Mantoid and Centaur and with the help of blast, they killed down the enemy monsters this time too.

If you have inspected the above battles closely, you surely have noticed why I am shouting out for the Snipers. When attacking with blast ability, a monster not only damage the enemy but also the monsters that are adjacent to it.

Unless your opponent is using none of the non-melee monsters or just one at the back, every sniper attack of yours will affect 3 enemy monsters at once. Choosing multiple snipers has the potential to even win you the match at first or second round by providing heavy and mass damage at the same time.

But, we can't just blindly follow this strategy in every match. Do that and most probably you will get killed by magic monsters or a sharp deck used by the opponent. I have played more than 10 matches to find these 2 gameplays where I could use my Zaku + Sniper strategy so you guys can relate.

I tried something new this time and I hope you like the strategy and how to apply it. I am eager to know all of your feedback about this post so don't forget to leave a comment below.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Please let me know your feelings!

Last but not least, I really wanna say thanks to @aggroed @yabapmatt and the entire @splinterlands team for their continuous and tireless effort on this game. You guys really rock!!

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The Zaku+Snipe tactic is really fun. And also nice to counter with Lir Deepswimmer, if you suspect your opponent to play that combo. Nice post!



You are absolutely right. Sometimes i guess right about what my opponent will use against me. And there is one summoner that many times lose my zaku, Valnamor.

Powerful summoners have enhanced ability in these specific rules of battle.
Thank you for sharing this strategies. I hope to unlock Zaku soon.

Ohhh! Great post!
I generally have at least ONE sniper... but loading a team with them AND using Zaku?!?
Whoa. Total annihilation. It's crazy to be able to hit 3 enemies at once!

And yes, it takes quite a few battles to find those perfect ones.