Exercise in the middle of the nature

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To the extent that you sometimes want to focus your attention on wild nature for a while - using all the senses and all the intellectual-cognitive-affective bandwidth you have, it is not necessary to have anthropogenic elements around that interfere. I am referring not only to the jamming produced by someone uneducated, but also to the presence of the most splendid human being among those you know… that if it is there, I think that in essence you are not really concerned with any kind of boulder. If you are with someone, I mean any other person, involuntarily you have the attention largely allocated to discussions, inter-relationships even in silence. Plus we can't stand to be quiet too long. We talk, we debate, we talk. If you are with a friend, or with a colleague, you are guaranteed that you cannot focus all your attention on a fern, on a crow. The more we are, the more complicated the situation… we can't be fixed on the same wavelength, one is in a hurry, another gets bored, one wants to stay, one wants to get home…. If you go with the whole neighborhood, it is predictable that you will not see much. Nature avoids, retreats from our aggression of noisy monkeys. If you are alone, you can integrate much better into its rhythms and flows.


Allocate time, let nature begin to be undisturbed around you. Let the lizards start coming out from under the logs and from the stones, from unknown holes… one by one to sit in the sun. Let a cicada to descend next to you, at the base of the tree, listen the macaque singing freely. Let the deer approach… which you could not see in the forest if you came with others and talked… or if you passed by 4X4 car. That's what the old naturalist used to tell us when we were kids. An interesting exercise is to walk a few hundred meters observing patterns and details, trying to figure out what is the style of the place, what is characteristic, interesting, incredible… miraculous in beauty: a kind of eco-soul perception of nature.
In such situations - in the desire to integrate as much as possible in the natural landscape - it makes sense to wear some camouflage, but be careful not to be shot by some idiot called hunter - with the explaination that he perceived some movement, that looked like a bear… and immediately fired.
Then, in the evening, you can return to the city jungle.




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