Cat eyes. (Photo by Sard@rt)

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There are photographs in our photographic archive to which we are particularly attached. Perhaps because they remind us of a person, or a place we have visited, or simply an emotion of a moment ... a landscape, a dessert ....

In this case, however, I am tied to this photograph because I managed to almost perfectly capture the details of the eyes of this cat.

The blue color of these eyes is nothing short of amazing and, I must say, it surprises me every time I look at it.

So I decided to repropose this photo that I had already published years ago with new and updated considerations. It is a cat I met in a small historical center of the region. He walked quietly and proved to be available for some shots. I never found it again .. Yet this cat, every time I see his photograph, always surprises me, as if it were the first time. There is a nice phrase that perhaps helps us understand. Here she is.

"There are two means of refuge from the misery of life -. Music and Cats"(Albert Schweitzer) -

Thanks for your time.



Love the ocean like eyes! Great shot @sardrt.

thank you!

Probably the cat was thinking about "eternity", so not paying attention to some disturbing photographer :D

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Impossible to understand cats .... a mystery!,,,,,

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